Day 4 - Entering a Whole New World

Animal Kingdom day has finally arrived. The plan was to rope drop NRJ before heading out of Pandora. Unfortunately technical difficulties meant NRJ was not open on time. We hung around the area until 7:55 before deciding to give up and head to Dinoland. We got there just as they were letting people enter and quickly queued up for Dinosaur. We were within sight of the cars when they announced that they were also having technical difficulties! I was ready to give up and cry at that point. Thankfully, two minutes later the difficulties were cleared up and we were on our way.

After Dinosaur, we walked onto Primeval Whirl then did Expedition Everest twice back to back. We did our first ever walk through of the Maharajah Trail. The tigers are awesome to look at.

Took a break for a snack of popcorn and candied nuts. Then it was time for our Kilimanjaro Safari fastpass (9:55). This may have been our best ever ride on the safari. Tons of giraffes really close to the truck. A white rhino that strolled across the road right in front of us. The male lion walking slowly along the tops of the rocks making loud grunting sounds. Plus a ton of other animals. We followed that by going through the Gorilla Trail. The gorillas were fascinating. One of the little ones was causing trouble, tossing dirt and being chased by one of the adults.

Back to Expedition Everest for a third ride using a fastpass. This is such a great coaster. My thrill loving family thinks it is awesome, but a chicken like me can still ride it and enjoy it!

Satuli Canteen for lunch. The choose your own ingredients bowls were really good. We all had different combinations and everyone liked them.

We had a bit of time before our FOP fastpass so we planned to look around Pandora. However, when we came outside we saw that NRJ had just come online after a second shutdown and had a 15 minute wait posted. We decided to hop in line. Disney was lying to us about the wait. We got almost to the entrance to the boats when they all but stopped letting standby people in. They sent about 100 people from the fastpass lane in and then 8 to 10 standby. This repeated 5 or 6 times before we finally got through! Our 15 minutes turned into about 35. Still, we did get on the ride and really liked all of the lighting and especially the shaman.

Finally, it was time for FOP. I had really been looking forward to this ride and was a bit scared it wouldn’t live up to the hype. It exceeded all of my expectations! This just passed Forbidden Journey in Universal as my favourite ride of all time. Everything from the ride vehicle to the visuals to the theme just works beautifully. So glad we have another fastpass for it tomorrow!

After that we headed back to Pop for a break. Grabbed Pineapple Floats from the foodcourt and chilled in our room for an hour or so. Heading back to AK shortly for dinner at Tusker House, a few more rides and River of Lights.


We had the same issue the morning we RD AK to ride NrJ! It qas not opened. And we ended up doing Dinosaur, EE twice, then back to NRJ. Glad you had such a good day!


Headed back to AK for our Tusker House reservation at 5:25. (I’m with @profmatt when it comes to disliking these odd reservation times!) We got lucky with the weather. It had poured rain while we were back at the resort, but it had almost entirely stopped by the time we got to AK.

Took our time walking back to Africa and watched a bit of one of the shows in front of the restaurant before we were called in. It is a nice buffet. Met Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. I definitely enjoyed that more than my kids. They are both embarrassed by the idea of talking to characters. Although the youngest (age 11) was talked into hugging Goofy and Mickey. They just held out their arms to her and I think she figured it would be quicker just to hug them. :wink:

After dinner we rode the safari again. Saw some different animals than in the morning. The wildebeests were out as well as the Ankole cattle. Sunset was approaching. We would have liked to try one after dark to see what was different but we wanted to see ROL.

Got in one more ride on EE before taking our seats for ROL. The show looks absolutely gorgeous. The boats and the flowers are beautiful.

After that we caught another very crowded bus back to Pop. Time for bed!

I’m pretty sure this is about standard for FP to standby ratio…we asked a CM recently and he said it changes depending on how long the FP queue is, but its typically about 10 fp to 1 standby.

i think after an attraction has been down for a while, you’ll find the FP queue to be longer than average.

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Oh that’s definitely what was happening. I couldn’t believe how long the fastpass line was when we finally got out. It was just annoying that the wait time was so much longer than they said!

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Thanks for a great report. We’re doing AK almost exactly the same way on our Monday. Couldn’t get fpps FOP tho (9 of us day 60&2). But that’s ok, we’re very early RD’g the emh.

Hadn’t realized NRJ being down in morning so much. Maybe I’ll get NRJ as fpp just in case. If you have fpp while ride is down, they’ll give you anytime fpp to return. Since can’t get FOP, I can always use tier 1 for NRJ.

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