Day 3 - Hello to Hollywood

EMH at DHS this morning. At about 7:30 they started letting people into TSL. Since we wanted to go to Rock n Roller Coaster, we turned down Sunset Boulevard. There was practically no one there waiting for the 8 am opening. We decided to take advantage of this and pop into Trolley Car Cafe for a snack. I quickly devoured my carrot cake cookie. Once 8 o’clock hit we quickly went through RnRC, TOT and ST. We even took a moment to pop in and meet Olaf since there was no line. I’ve always avoided character meets because I thought I’d feel silly but I loved it. Who can resist Olaf? Got some great photos.

Our first fastpass was for TSM which we went to after Muppets 3D. Then Voyage of the Little Mermaid and our 2nd fastpass, RnRC. Quick lunch at ABC Commisary and our 3rd fastpass, TOT. All done before 12:30.

For the afternoon we relaxed watching the shows: Beauty and the Beast, Frozen Sing-Along and Indiana Jones. Did a little browsing in the shops in between shows. I love that DHS has so many good shows. It made for a very relaxing afternoon.

By 4 pm we were on the boat to Epcot. Dinner at Teppan Edo. We love the food there and enjoy the show put on by the chef. In a wild coincidence the family seated with us live in the town next to ours, the one I grew up in! Such a funny surprise.

Headed back to DHS after dinner for Fantasmic. Another great show! Finally back to the resort for the night. Another early start tomorrow at AK. I’ll finally get to ride FOP!