Day 3 - Checking Out and Rocking On

Our last day at Universal has arrived. Got up early and had the bags all packed for bell services to pick up by 8:10. Thank goodness for packing cubes! I can’t believe we’ve never used them before.

Said goodbye to the Hard Rock and headed off to USF to catch the end of Early Entry. Got there about 8:30 and went straight to the Mummy. Rode Gringott’s one more time and also did MIB before catching the Hogwarts Express to IOA around 10 am.

Forbidden Journey was down when we got there so we took a break for a snack. When we were done eating FJ was up and running so we did a last ride of that.

Went around to the Marvel area for Spiderman and to let everyone else ride Hulk. Got to see all of the superheroes riding their motorcycles. That was kind of neat.

By this time it was noon and we were ready for lunch. We ended up stopping at the Croissant Moon Bakery by Port of Entry. They had some nice, light sandwiches that even came with potato salad and cantaloupe!

It was now time to leave Universal. We walked back to the hotel to pick up our bags and the car. Next stop Disney and the Pop Century!

We had a fabulous time at Universal. The Hard Rock was well worth it for the Express Pass. I think I worked out that the price of the room each night was less than what we would have paid for Express Passes for the four of us each day. It would definitely be difficult to go back now without it.

Hard Rock has a great pool and the rooms are spacious and comfortable. My only complaint would be that they need a more thorough resort map. Locations of things like ice machines and public restrooms were a mystery even to the staff. I was sent in completely the wrong direction by one housekeeper when searching for some ice for our water bottles. Pro Tip: Fill up your water bottle in the Fitness Center. They have a dispenser with chilled water with lemon. It was great. We were lucky that our room was just around the corner from it.

The Wizarding World is incredible. The theming of everything there is unparalleled. We walked through Diagon Alley after dark and the dragon breathing fire then was so cool.

There are a lot of simulator rides which did start to activate some motion sickness for me after a while. I would have liked a few smaller rides like Disney has that are not quite so kid-centric. I would have done a few Seuss rides but couldn’t convince anyone else to go with me!

Overall I think three days was plenty of time for Universal. We hit everything we wanted multiple times. A great trip!

Moving over to the WDW threads for the rest of our trip. Thanks for reading and especially to all those who have liked and commented. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your trip.