Day 2 - Water, Water Everywhere

Slept in until all of 7 am this morning. Had a lovely breakfast in the Pop foodcourt. They make a great spinach, tomato and feta omelet.

We drove ourselves to Typhoon Lagoon for opening. It was a short and easy drive, much nicer than transferring buses at Disney Springs. They let everyone through the gates about twenty minutes before 10 o’clock. We were able to snag our rental towels quickly. Be sure to let them know you are staying onsite. The towels will be free!

Wound up staying there till 1 pm. Hit Crush n Gusher (the water coaster), Misadventure Falls (family raft ride) and Mayday Falls (tube slide). We enjoyed all of them. DH and DD11 also hit the wave pool while DD14 and I sunbathed. Had a light lunch and drove back to the resort.

We planned to relax there for a few hours but ended up leaving the room to head to Epcot early because housekeeping hadn’t been in yet. We didn’t want to be in their way or prevent them from coming in. I wish there was a simple way to tell them you will be out at certain times and request cleaning then.

Got to Epcot just as a rainstorm hit. We ponchoed up and trudged into The Seas pavilion. Our feet got wet but otherwise we stayed mostly dry. DD14 had trouble with the snaps on her poncho staying closed. She swears she didn’t know about the snaps though I distinctly recall discussing it and her refusing to take a different poncho because this one looked better. Teenagers! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Rode Nemo, Soarin and Living with the Land before walking up to Mexico. Also rode Gran Fiesta before our dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel. Fabulous food! We split the two mixed grill dinners for two. All of the meats were delicious. I had the Orange Mango Fire Margarita. The chili powder rim added an interesting spice to the drink which I greatly enjoyed.

We were tempted to stay in Epcot after dinner for Illuminations, but we have an early day tomorrow (DHS) so we headed back for bed.


I empathise with this. I can never totally relax if I am sub consciously waiting for housekeeping. Rules out a catnap. Great report. Thank you.


This is so funny and so typical. Enjoy HS.

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I’ve never had a bad meal at La Hacienda


If I know I won’t be gone the whole day, I’ll often call housekeeping to let them know I’m leaving and the room is ready for them. I’d get stressed out more than reasonable if I came back and it wasn’t done.


We would call each morning when we left the room. It was always clean when we came back except for the last day. It was funny because it was the one day the person on the phone didn’t wish me a magical day. I thought maybe that meant he didn’t know what he was doing in other ways as well. :joy:


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