Day 2 Trip Report - Magic Kingdom


A beautiful day at BBB, then the Royal Table and some time around the park before I headed to my Disney Institute class where we got to sit in the VIP section for the Fantasmic show at HS. Crowds were much more manageable today at MK than they were yesterday at HS.



Wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing your day.


Great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time.


Just wondering if you all went to CRT? And if you did what you thought about it? I have similar range of kids. My DD7 wants to go to BBB. Not sure if DS13 will be too enthralled with CRT if we were to do it. DS11 however said he would like to get to go into the castle.
Your pics are so cool that they make me want to eat in the castle!!


Wow! Such beautiful pictures!


Our whole family went to CRT, yes. My 9 year old daughter loved it and my 16 and 14 year old boys enjoyed it as well. I will say that I was fairly underwhelmed by the food (portions were far smaller than expected) but I don’t get the impression that’s what you’re paying for with this experience. I would say if you have the chance to do it, you should - the face time with the princesses is well worth it. We saw Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Jasmine.


Also wondering how long did your meal take? Thanks!


Great pix! We are debating CRT too–my kids are the exact same ages and gender make up as yours! (although I also have a DS7). Not really interested in meeting princesses per se but definitely interested in being and eating IN the castle. Did you do breakfast there or lunch/dinner?


We did a late breakfast (10:00). Even at 180 days out, spots were limited so we took what we could get. So make sure you hit that mark first thing in the morning 180 days before your trip.

We were there for a little over an hour. They don’t really push you out of your spot, but they have audio prompts for using the wands and swords they give you to wish upon a star to try to let you know your time is done. We hung around until all the princesses had come by. The teenage boys even had their picture taken with Snow White!


Great photos! Thanks for sharing!


Man your sons are their father’s spitting image !!! :slight_smile:


We actually have an ADR for that same time except I need to try to get one more person on the reservation. May I ask one more question (sorry I am picking your brain!) what time did your DD have her BBB appt? Currently we have one scheduled too late so I have been seeing if we could change it. But I think it would have to be basically 8am which limits the time slots.


No problem. Our BBB appt was at 8:45am and we still had a good 20 minutes after she was done before our 10:00 reservation. Keep in mind that we did the most inexpensive BBB package, so I would imagine the higher priced ones may take longer.


That’s our timing too! Great to know it worked out!