Day 1A: my first TP absolutely crushed it

Consider me a true believer in the power of TPs. Starting at 8 AM at DHS, we knocked out: RnR Coaster
Chewbacca & Kylo meets
Great Movie Ride
Toy Story MM
Voyage of the LM
Tower of Terror
Beauty and the Beast
Star Tours
Indiana Jones
Jedi Training (no participant)
All with plenty of time to spare before a 2PM Sci Fi ADR. The only thing we skipped was Galaxy Far Far Away, and not because of time, but because the viewing area is on the surface of the sun. We might catch it when we go to DHS tomorrow evening for

The park felt very full, but we never really waited for anything. It was almost surreal how little time we spent in line.

As I type this, I’m sprawled on my bed at Shades of Green, chilling out until we head over to MK for a low-key night: Adventureland (minus Jungle Cruise), night parade, Celebrate/Wishes, and Tomorrowland (minus Space Mountain). The Plan is good, Liners. The Plan is life.



Thanks for sharing this! I’ve noticed the last few weeks the crowd calendar seems off and it’s been making me anxious - I pretty much planned my trip based on the crowd calendars off this site so if it’s off I could be in a lot of trouble. Good to know that even with higher crowds the touring plans work!

Good for you! What did you have fpp for? Was it EMH?

Good to know that you can get all these attractions done in that time! Sounds like RD combined with a TP is key and definitely works!

Going in 2 weeks and it’s encouraging to know that even though crowd calendars have been off as of lately, the plan works.
I hope the rest of your trip is as successful!

Fastpasses were for Toy Story (9:05-10:05), Tower of Terror (10:20-11:20) and Star Tours (11:20-12:20). Did RnRC and Launch Bay meets during EMH, then has time to grab a snack before lining up a bit before 9 at GMR. Smooth sailing from there. Crowd level turned out to be 7, not much higher than the predicted 6.

Went to MK that evening though, and that was an 8 rather than the predicted 5. Still did fine though. Showed up around 7:15 or 7:30 with a bonus FP for Pirates. Did that plus Treasure of the 7 Seas and Tiki Room before getting a waffle at Sleepy Hollow and watching the Electrical Parade. The Hub was a nightmare leading up to Celebrate the Magic, but we saw it and Wishes just fine from back by Tomorrowland Terrace. Grabbed another FP for Buzz and chilled in Tomorrowland until 12:00. Plans worked great; the crowds were substantial but we didn’t feel the impact in the lines so much as in the repeated assault by stroller-wielding psychos.

:joy: Dying laughing at “stroller-wielding psychos”. I have been victim of stroller assault at MK and it’s awful sometimes!!! We too, have used strollers as recently as 2 years go but always tried to be mindful of others. So many people use them as weapons to break through crowds!!
I just searched for this post b/c I remember reading it and I’m working on my first actual TPs now. Currently looking at my HS day as a matter of fact, sounds like yours truly did crush it! We are predicted for a crowd level 4 on our HS day so I’m hoping we’re as successful. RD is at 9 and we plan to be there before then, Only variable that makes me nervous is JTA signup as both my kids want to participate. I have read others state that they arrived before RD and were let in just to sign up, even without an early breakfast reservation so we’re crossing our fingers for that. I have no fear we’ll get to sign them up if we head straight there, but if we could not spend the first hour of park opening in line to sign up , that would be super, lol.