Day 1 Trip Report - Hollywood Studios


So we’re starting Day #2 in DW and I though I would give a quick update to everyone. First, the not so good. Our flight landed at MCO at 7:35pm and we took the Magic Express and did the luggage delivery. It did not arrive at our hotel until 1:30 AM. Yikes! When we got to the hotel, we had done the room request fax and did not get the room type we requested. Bummer.

That’s it so far for the bad, though. We hit Hollywood Studios for our first park and the crowds seemed pretty heavy for a 1. We stuck to our TP though and got on everything we were interested in. TSL was a mad house, we went in there once for Toy Story Mania and decided we didn’t want to try to come back. We had a blast on RRC, HTOT and all the Star Wars stuff. The walk from Boardwalk to HS was a little longer due to Gondola and Bus Station construction, but not too bad. Still way shorter than the boat ride. We were able to come back to the hotel and do the pool and dinner and then walk back to HS for the evening festivities. All in all, a great day!


A few photos from the day.


When you say you did not get the room type you requested, do you mean location? Or did you request a different type from what you booked? Or did you not get the type you booked? I know the wording is pretty clear to make sure you are requesting the type of room you booked.


Looks like yesterday wound up being a crowd level 3 at HS. Great pics.


We requested a room where we could see the Epcot Fireworks and have a balcony. We ended up facing the movie viewing courtyard on the other side and no balcony. Not a complete deal breaker as it’s still a very nice room - just not what we wanted, so a bit disappointing.


UT rated yesterday as a CL 5 overall, but HS had a green checkmark, which makes it more like a 4.

So…did you pull the rope?


Gotcha. Are they different bookable categories? I’m not familiar with Boardwalk categories, so just trying to figure out if the request was not matching the booked category. Or if it is like AKL where there are some Standard rooms that have views of the Savannah.


Just to clarify - I wasn’t basing the CL3 on the pics, I was using the Touring Plans system.


Oh, no worries. That was perfectly clear. I was just posting the UT crowd calendar prediction as a comparison.


Great photos and info! Thanks for sharing.


Brilliant photographs.


Great pics!


Love your pics! We are going for such a short time in Dec and I keep hearing more reports of TSL being busier. Maybe we should go for the EMM at TSL…


Of course. :grin:


They have standard view, a more expensive garden view and then it goes to higher deluxe categories. We booked a standard view and technically got what we asked for, but we had requested a room with a balcony where we could see Epcot fireworks. There is a grouping of those included in the standard view. Here’s the view from our window - no balcony. It’s not a bad view - but not what we hoped for.


Gotcha. I guess I’m weird in that I book the type of room/view I want and don’t depend on luck to get a different category that happens to have a similar view. (Like when I book AKL, I’ll decide if I want a Savannah View before booking and if so, I’ll book that rather than booking a Standard and hoping I get one that has a Savannah view.

I hope you have a good trip anyway! :smiley:


Technically, what we requested was in our category - and we heard so many good things about the TP fax service we decided to give it a try. But, yeah, it is a spin of the ol’ roulette wheel…


Yeah, no I got that. I just meant if a certain view is important to me and bookable, I will book that category. If I book a lower category that might have a certain view but really don’t care, that would be a bonus.