Day 1 Touring Plan Question


Why when I go to update my touring plans on day 1 does it not allow me to add a meet & greet w/cinderella which I have a Fast Pass for? Do I have to manually add it instead of adding as a reservation?


Yes, you need to add it to your attraction list as well as entering the FPP reservation.

EDIT: Sorry, re-read your question. Are you saying that the M&G is not showing up on the list of available attractions when you try to add it to your TP?


So it's saying I don't need a FP with Cinderella & Elena and it shifts it to a time where they say it's a lot wait time. Problem is I can't chance it and really have to wait if it's wrong. Also on my MKDay 2, it says not to FP Space Mountain and do that #1 but I'm afraid of trusting this and getting rid of Fast Passes. Thoughts?


Or what if we are late to getting to the park and aren't there at 9am, the Fast Pass for Space Mountain is 11:30am so why would I cancel it and risk it. Am I thinking this all wrong?


OK, what it is doing here is saying that it can come up with an overall better plan by not using your FPP. If you want, you can force it to use the FPP in the FastPass+ Advanced Options section.

This is probably not the best use of an FPP. The first hour after RD is the best time to get a lot done at a park with minimal waiting, so I would make every effort to be at the tapstiles well before park opening and save the FPP reservations attractions that I could not get done early.


I rearrange my TP based on what works best for my family rather than just what is most efficient according to the computer. Put in the attractions you want to hit that day. Put in the fpp you want and optimize. That gives you an idea of "most efficient" touring. I then drag my steps around to suit myself (to adjust around dining plans, personal preferences, fpp, to minimize walking even further etc). Then I use the evaluate button to give me wait times for that order and see if it's something I can live with. I don't think you should give up a fpp that you want or are excited about based only on the TP recommendation. It sounds like meeting Cinderella is a must do, so just force the plan to use your fpp-you're right that you don't want to risk missing something because of some long wait time later. And I also think an 11:30 fpp for space could work ok. We frequently do something like that- rope drop fantasy land or frontier land attractions, starting with the rides that build the longest lines, then move on to using fpp later in the morning for tomorrowland attractions. Or vice versa - rope drop tomorrowland then move on to other places and use fpp for other attractions in another land later in the morning.

Another thing I've heard people try with some success is to optimize after each fpp selection, and use that to pick your next fpp. So, in other words put in everything you want to try to get to on that day. Optimize and see which is the first fpp it suggests you use. Get as close to that rec. as you can, put it in, then optimize again and find the next fpp recommendation. Repeat the process until you've gotten the three passes for the day. That just sounds like too much work to me, so I've never tried it...


Thank you, this is very helpful!