Day 1 - Here We Go Again!

Our transfer from Universal to Disney was completed yesterday and today our party of four (me, DH, DD14 and DD11) were ready to hit the parks. Out of the room by 6:50 and walked right onto a bus to MK. We sailed through bag check and the tapstiles, got a photo in front of the train station and were in line for Space Mountain right after rope drop at 8. We did Buzz next and were on Under the Sea shortly afterwards. All of these were basically walk ins.

We were ahead of schedule at this point and passing Gaston’s Tavern so we stopped in to get two giant cinnamon rolls to share. Gotta use those snack credits! They were delicious.

Next we headed to HM. About a ten minute wait at 9:05. I love this ride. I may be influenced by the fact that on our one trip to WDW when I was a teenager a family emergency cut our trip short and I ended up missing riding it. It took me thirty years to get back and it was my one must-do for that trip!

Next up was BTMRR. A longer than expected line here, probably close to forty minutes. It would have helped if they had opened the second side before 10 o’clock. Still a great ride even with the wait.

POC next with no line. Got splashed pretty good. Finished at MK with Jungle Cruise.

By now it was about 11 am. Caught the monorail to TTC. Got stuck waiting 20+ minutes for the monorail to Epcot. Finally got there a little after noon. Bag check lines seemed long but moved quickly.

Walked back to France to have lunch at Les Halles. They have the best sandwiches. I had the brie and apple which was divine. I also couldn’t resist the mimosa. It was okay but needed a bit more orange juice.

We did the France Agent P adventure, quite fun, and went into Artisan des Glace for ice cream. That’s when the thunderstorm started. It was pouring! We wound up waiting there for at least half an hour until the rain slowed down. Then we ponchoed up and carried on to our fastpass for FEA. First time on that ride. Cute and the animatronics are impressive, but I don’t need to ride it again.

SE next, a much better ride than I remember it being! Then into The Land for Soarin’ and Living with the Land. Soarin’ had a 30 minute wait and LWTL was a walk on.

I then pulled out my phone to see if I could book a fourth fastpass using the app. Managed to snag Nemo and Friends for fifteen minutes later. We didn’t really need it since there was no line, but it was good to see how easy the app was to use for that. Did that ride and checked out the tanks before finishing up with Figment.

Dinner was at Via Napoli so we took the boat to that side of the lagoon and checked in. Great pizza and desserts.

After dinner we decided we weren’t up to staying for Illuminations so we popped into Karamel Kuche to pick up a few treats and headed back to Pop. DH and DD11 had a late swim and we called it a night. Tomorrow: Typhoon Lagoon and back to Epcot.


Fixed that for you.


Enjoying the report!


I am glad you mentioned the boat. Never done it. Kind of forget it is an option. I am curious as to how much time it ultimately saves. Much wait? Obviously if feet are tired, it’s probably better than walking regardless of the wait!


Haha! :rofl: If it was really good champagne I would agree but it’s what they call “sparkling wine” and just isn’t quite the same. Needed a bit more orange juice flavour.

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We saw the boat at the dock as we approached WS and decided to give it a try. The boat ride to Morocco took only a few minutes. Way faster than walking! It apparently goes every fifteen minutes or so. If it happens to be there as you walk by, it will save time (and your feet :grin: )


I would say it saves no time; might even take longer. But it’s kind of fun and is a welcome break for sore feet.