Dates, Pricing Revealed for Disney After Hours “BOO BASH” at Magic Kingdom

OK so before gen pub?

I haven’t been following as it is not applicable to me at all so I’m not sure when it goes on sale for gen pub

Yes, that’s it.

Let’s see if they release more tickets for the 15th.


Is there a pool on when/if they add Sunday nights?


I sure wish they would!

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I would love October 3rd!!


I have to take my kids camping, so it will be up to my DH to get the tickets on the 15th. (I’m a little nervous, because he is not familiar with this process at all, or the Disney website.) Do we know what time they are going to open sales online? I assume 7:00am? Or 6am like ADRs? I want to set him up for success!

Some basic questions here… I’ve never done anything Halloween or any DAH for that matter. I have been ignoring this event, but I just realized it will be going on in August, when we have resort reservations.

  1. Do you all think the crowds will be low enough in August (8/17) to make it worth the money?

  2. Do you know if it is already sold out for 8/17?

  3. So MK will be all decorated for Halloween by 8/10?

  4. Will I need a park reservation that day for MK?

I plan to read all of the threads pertaining to this and call the phone # in my email, but I expect to be on hold forever, and thought I might get some quick answers here. We’ve never been to MK to see the Fall decorations, so I am pretty surprised and happy! Thanks!

The event will be very limited. In general I have always been able to do around 12 attractions during an AH event. At the MK one they let us stay on BTMRR one time and ride it a second time.

I think the only sold out one now is Halloween?

Generally MK is decorated around Main Street, the hub and the back alley behind Main Street?

You only need a Boo Bash ticket. You can enter MK at 7/7:30 (depending on night without an APR.


Thanks so much for the quick reply! (Tickets are non-refundable and our plans are not definite yet :grimacing:)

Hi - I’m going to Boo Bash on August 27 (staying at Riviera that weekend for mine and DH’s 15 year anniversary). I called a couple days ago and was on hold for about an hour and 5 minutes before getting through. None of the August dates were filled so I’d imagine you would be ok with getting the date you need. The August dates have party times of 9:30 to 12:30. The lady said I can get in as early as 7:00 and don’t need a park reservation.


Also I thought since the party date I’m going to is 9:30 to 12:30, I wouldn’t be able to get in until 7:30 but the lady on the phone told me I could get in starting at 7. Not sure if that’s correct?


I hope you guys have a great time! My practical side is currently winning out. For the 4 of us, it would be nearly $500 for 3 extra hours in the park with limited crowds, some ice cream and popcorn. (No little ones anymore for trick-or-treat.)Tickets are non-refundable. If our trip was in October, I might be tempted, but I am afraid there is too high a risk in August for a rainy evening.

Do you all think the day of Boo Bash would be a good day or a bad day to spend the earlier part of the day in MK? Not sure if this evening event would increase or decrease daytime crowds?

I only book an After Hours event if I reduce a park day, or park hopper tickets to off set the cost, although in the past the cost was not more than a one day ticket.

I think you would want to leave before the extra After Hours guests arrive and unlike a party day it will not reduce day guests.

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Thanks again.

Ok, so for those us biting our nails to the nubs waiting for the GA tomorrow…

…when do we think the website update will push live? 6a ET? And then if something happens with the web, be prepared to get on hold at 7a ET when guest assitance comes online?

I think when the website crashes (not if) it will crash for the phone CMs too.


Just a heads up for the night owls… I’m up bc it’s storming and it’s giving my son some trouble. It’s 1:40 AM. I decided to load the site to see if I could grab boo bash tix.
I was able to purchase!! So if you’re up, give it a shot, avoid the rush at 6 AM.


I’m not interested in going but I was curious to see how the ticket availability is going.

No delays or problems, I was able to get on and order tickets for any night except 10/31 with no problems.

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Yeah, this was interesting…not sure when they pushed it live. I checked at midnight ET just to see - nothing. Went to bed. Had an alarm set for 5:55a, but woke up on my own at 5:30a and decided just to check - purchased no problem for 9/21.

Of course, My Disney Experience plan tab seems to be down now, so I can’t double check that this is actually showing in my plan, but I did at least get an email confirmation. Anyone else having MDE issues today?

My plans are showing in MDE on app