Date-based Ticket Change

Is there a limit on how far out you can change the date on date-based tickets? For example, if we book a trip for Summer 2021, but need to postpone until the following year, can you change the dates to 2022 or do the new dates have to be before the end of 2021? Also, can the dates be changed more than once? Thanks in advance for the help!

The value of fully unused tickets can always be upgraded or applied toward the purchase of future tickets, even if they have expired. You can call guest services and they will adjust the dates of your tickets. You will pay the incremental difference between the rates in effect. You can do this any time, but only once 2022 tickets are for sale, which I don’t believe they are yet.

what about the value of partially used tickets? I had a CM tell me to leave ONE day on a multiday ticket to be able to use toward an AP.

The official policy is you can apply a partially used ticket up to and including the last day it is valid (so you can swipe in to a park that day and just need to visit GS before they close). Wholly unused tickets, on the other hand, can be applied even after the expiration.


thanks… I hope they open AP sales before my exp. date on DH’s ticket

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They might make an exception in a case like that - make sure to call!

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