Date-based admission tix qu

If I buy tix for July, but then change my trip to October, will Disney allow me to change the tickets if I pay any difference in price? I don’t see anything to that effect on the FAQ page which makes me think the answer is “no.”

Yes, you can do this as long as you make the change before the first day of the current ticket dates. Just did this recently and just paid the difference. Just know if there is a price increase in the tickets on a large scale (like in March), where buying a new ticket costs more, then you will pay the difference in the dates themselves, as well as the additional cost after the increase. I hope that makes sense.


I have also heard there is no refund if you switch to cheaper dates.


Yes, thanks!

That is true! If you switch to cheaper dates you would not get a refund.

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Also, the number of dates that are at the highest price level seems to continue to grow.