Data glitch?

Hi all! I was reevaluating/optimizing my TP for our September trip, as one does on a Wednesday evening…and ALL the waits for every ride, every park, every day, went to 240 min. I am assuming this is a glitch because of the uniformity of it but I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this? I’m looking at the 1st week in September.

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Can you link it here so we can look more closely at it?

Here is a screen shot of just the TP page for avatar on one of our days

I will work on linking one of my actual personalized plans

Here is a link to my epcot plan for ex -

sorry if I linked this wrong!

You have to publish it for us to open it. In the header of the plan in the lower left of the gray box is a box to check off to publish this plan


Wow, big glitch in the system starting June 23 and going through October.
What’s going on @len


ETA, it’s happening at all 4 parks


@bebe80 Thank you! (Again) glad it’s not just me :rofl:


@OBNurseNH thank you for the publishing help!

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Yup. Weird.

I’d send it to the help desk:

Glad I didn’t try to redo my July plans tonight!

My HS plan also glitched out after running an evaluate for September.

Darn that FP, already messing with the wait times!!

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Same problem here!

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Argh. The stats team is looking at it. Thanks!


What we can learn from this. Triceratop Spin is always the best choice if you want to save time. :wink:



Way to bring some positivity!


Oh my god I’m dying! Thanks for the laugh this morning!


This is fixed! Sorry for any confusion.


Still seems to be a hiccup somewhere. This is my plan for 7/15 @MK. Carousel time is still showing 240.

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