Dashboard +Add Touring Plan

OK, just trying to get to grips with the planning tools so we can make some plans before our ADR window opens on Monday.

I have a query re: the dashboard functions. For a given day if I click on +Add Touring Plan it always takes me to the page to start a new personalised plan from scratch. Why can I not choose an existing Premium Plan or one that I have already personalised and saved. I have an active Premium subscription.



you can still access your previously created plans on the RIGHT side of that landing page.

I can’t see that. I just get the New Touring Plan page. Do I need to make a copy of a premium plan first for it to be visble here?

oh I thought you had done that. My bad.

Yes, you make a copy of the plan and then customize it for your own trip.

Thanks. Think I’ve worked it out now.