DAS vs. Genie+

I am wondering how these differ? My son has autism and crowds can be difficult. Wondering if should just by the Genie+/LL to be safe?

I would only get Genie +/ILLs if there are people in your group who want to ride things DS won’t ride. DAS will put you through the same LL but is much easier and more flexible to use than Genie+.

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Just did Genie+ today at MK, was my first time using it. Thought it was GREAT. We did 8 rides before 2pm and didn’t wait in any lines. Was really impressed with the service and found it to be a no brainer. Will be using it for the rest of my trip

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You might want to check out this thread for more DAS info.


I went with my son and used DAS. In my trip report, I included DAS info with screen shots. They are in there somewhere.


Can I ask you… did they talk to your son? I wonder how my son would react to being asked about his “disability.” It’s really a non-issue for him. His sister is concerned because we are going just the 3 of us this time and no other adult for my son to go chill with if needed. So we need to either do Das or Genie…

Also… Das 2 choices a day? Do you choose more after used? How do you do that. Does Genie+ work the same way?


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I did the call recently for DS4. The cast member talked to me, asked about my son and why we were looking to have the pass, and then he asked to see my son. He just asked him if he was looking forward to meeting Mickey and took his picture. Whole process took 5 minutes. The wait on the other ha d was ridiculous. I waited 6 hours one day and didn’t get to talk to anyone. Best advise is to click the button right at 7 AM Eastern - then I only waited 45 min.

I didn’t do the preselections, I was planning on only using DAS if we needed it - we were going to try just using standby/Genie+, but if it proved to be a challenge for my son we would use DAS.

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When I did the screening interview, I did all of the talking. The only thing he had to do was have his picture taken.

You make two DAS selections ahead of time. Those are like the old FPP. They are selected after the screening interview. Then once you are in the park, you choose the ride you want to ride on the MDE and select a DAS return time which will be based on how long the standby line is. You do something else until the return time. Once you tap into the DAS ride, you can choose the next ride you want to ride.

He has to ride for the rest of you to use the DAS so if that is a concern, you may want Genie + too.


Two a day or two a trip?

Two a day


When we went In February I used both. It’s not necessary to do both but if it’s in your budget I would. We were able to get everything my daughter wanted done in a shorter time, which helped avoid the meltdowns. That said you will still be happy with just DAS.

How does using both work with the App? Will a DAS thing be added to your account?

Yes- A DAS option will be added to your app, it will only appear once you have tapped into the park for the day. Both Genie + and DAS will work in your app and no issues of you having return times using both methods in the same user app. It was really very easy.