DAS valid next day?

Is it possible to get a DAS for a ride and use it the following day? This way we can use it for PPF or 7DMT as 2nd in our plan after RDing the other.

Following for this question- but also, once you get DAS your first day, do you have to go to Guest Services each day and get it again or is it valid for the length of your trip?

I thought it was valid for the entire length of your trip. I need verification though.

It is valid for your length of stay. You don’t have to get it for specific rides. We usually go to the International Gateway GS on arrival day, and pick it up the night before our first park day.

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…keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you ride faster, as your return time is based on the current stand by time, so I’m not sure that it would give you the touring advantage that you think.If 7DMT is 120 stand by, you will have to come back in 1 1/2 hours to ride. It is just meant to help folks who have issues standing in the actual line(like my son with ASD), but can actually slow down your day as opposed to helping you accomplish more.

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I think people have got confused over what is being asked here.

Your return time is valid until the end of the day, but you can only have one at once. You may be able to move it to the next day with the help of a kind CM but that will mean spending time at guest services.

The DAS itself is valid for the length of your trip @Amy11Russ, you don’t need to go back every day.


@missoverexcited Thank you!


Thank you, this is what I was looking for.

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Can you use it in conjunction with FPP? If so, it could speed you up but a few rides a day, right?