DAS question

My Teen DD has numerous health issues. Our last trip in 2013 was before they changed to DAS. She had a pass & wheelchair. She had a wonderful, exhausting time! She is worried about stamina. She tires easily & has a lowered immune system. She is concerned that she won’t have the energy to wait an extended amount of time for each attraction. Previously, she showed the pass & got in. From what I’ve read that is no longer the case. She does better if she knows what to expect. What is your experience with DAS?

We’ve made a touring plan & FP+.

The idea behind the new pass is that you go to the attraction and show the pass, and they give you a ticket with a return time that would equal the current standby time minus I think 10 minutes. So effectively it allows the holder to wait someplace that is more comfortable for them but doesn’t give them any faster access to the ride.

We used the DAS last November for my son. It worked out great if the ride had a long return we would watch one the shows.

This will work well! Thanks for the idea. Off to change touring plan…

Here is a good TP Blog article on DAS http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/10/15/disneys-disability-access-service-definitive-guide/

Also, am I the only one who read this tread’s title in a German accent? :wink:


LOL thanks!