DAS question / rider switch

I should know the answer to this by now but cant remember

We use DAS for my older son who loves everything but my younger kid isnt a big fan of rides and often chickens out.

If we have DAS pass for 4 of us on Slinky dog and my younger guy changes his mind and i have to stay behind with him will I have to ride by myself after? Can my older son use his spot to ride with me? Or does the DAS holder have to scan in at the same so because he already went i lose my spot? Does rider switch have an age limit? He is 7 but looks 9.

I was hoping he would outgrow his ride phobia by now. He is slowly getting better though!

No, no age limit. This can be used when a person, of any age, cannot be left alone while others ride - such as cognitive issues, dementia, etc.

I can’t help regarding DAS.

I believe DAS passes work the same way as Rider Swap, which is to say that as long as you scan in with a valid magic band upon your return, it doesn’t matter who is using it. They’ll let you through with no issues. So either trade Magic Bands or use Magic Mobile on your phone.