DAS Pre-Registartion

Has anyone had success with the new DAS Pre-Registration? I have spent the weekend chasing this. We saw the “Busy, try again later” message and notices that you just had to stay near your computer until someone bothered to respond (even the airlines manage a “call back” at this point) so waited until we had several hours I could sit here with my kid on call to make her appearance, but it’s been 5 hours and about to hit the10est with zero response.

Is this an outlier? Should I try again after school during the week or just give up?

I have not heard good things about it from anyone who has used it. Your experience seems to be the norm.
It is a help if you can get it done, but you can still do it in person on arrival.

After having a similar experience as you, I got through in an hour by logging in right at 7am est (double check this, i am quite forgetful, but whenever it opens). It felt like the same stress of getting a reservation. It’s also a 3 step process. You wait for the first person to chat and verify your information. Then you wait again for a video chat. Then you wait again for someone to help you plan your day.

The waits for the other two parts of the process were shorter, like 15-20 mins.


There have been a few people from a parent group I am part of that have tried to sign up before their trips and they all gave up and just went to guest services after they arrived.

One of my son’s teachers is currently trying to call for an upcoming trip. I will check in with her to see if she has been successful.

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We finally got through but it was horrible experience!

I called on a Friday @1:30 pm and waited until 9:30pm and finally gave up.

I called back Saturday morning at 7:30 and got through at 3:30pm. Craziness!

I’m here now, we just landed…I’ll let you know tomorrow if it all goes smoothly!


The irony of having to do so much waiting so that your loved one with the DAS need doesn’t have to wait is just remarkable.


Yeah I am really on the fence about trying this for our next trip. Thankfully that’s not until October 2022. I can’t imagine trying to sit with my son through all this.
Hopefully it will be better by then, because the ability to get one preplanned das pass per day would be extraordinarily helpful.


Just thought I would give an update on my experience this morning. I had been trying for a few weeks and each time I had to give up due to the wait. I got on at 7:05am this morning. At 7:53am I was transferred to Ronald. I gave him a quick explanation of my needs and he approved me for it. He added my niece (for my January trip) and my friend (for my February trip). He then transferred me over to book the 2 advance reservations, which she finished by 8:04am. If you can manage to get through, it is a very easy process.


I have a coworker who went through the process last week and she said that it took less than an hour.

This is extremely promising news!


Sounds like big improvement now that beyond holiday season! It took several days of repeated calling until I got through at a time my kid was home… but I have to say once we got past that the in park experience was great. We only used a few of the Advanced DAS because of the limited time options, but that was just gravy anyway. Asking for DAS in the App was such an improvement over running around the park! Their system was down at first the day we went to HS (wait times weren’t loading overall) so we got a paper return… which I lost! System was back up when I realized and we were able to recover and appreciate all the more not having to deal with them all week.