DAS Pre-arrival Request System is Live

As reported in one of my FB groups. :sunglasses:



Yeah I read that also.

I know there was some ambiguity about whether the preselected 2 were the only ones you could get, and from what I’m reading, that is not the case.

Which lines up with what I was thinking, bc who would choose that?!?


Have seen this in a few places too


One thing that I did see that gives me cause for concern is that there’s now a list of attractions that area included on advance DAS, and I notice things are missing that we’ve gotten DAS on before. Not sure if this list is old, generic, or what, but SDMT, Frozen, FOP and EE being omitted makes me wonder. Are these all IAS rides?


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Remind me what IAS is?

Individual attraction selections.

Oh haha!

I was thinking of it as a DAS thing


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It’s ok. It’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday so I feel ya!

(F’ing quarantine, grumble grumble.)


Oh no!

Hugs :frowning:

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DS 6 has covid. :roll_eyes:
Virtual school until next Monday.

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Oh no! I hope he is not too sick! I will keep you in my thoughts :frowning:

Is this ever going to end???

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He was pretty sick at the beginning, but almost fully recovered now. Enough to be annoying, at least! :rofl:


Haha funny you say that

My friend’s oldest (she has 3 boys - 4-6-8yo) came down with Covid. He was kind of sick for a couple of days but better quickly. The other two are FINE but have to quarantine due to unable to be vaccinated. I told her - I’m so glad they aren’t sick. And I’m so sorry they are feeling 100% fine :laughing:

I had to kidnap her last Wednesday night - her husband texted and requested it - to save her sanity.


Definitely missing all the IAS$$/LL+$$ (however you want to describe them). Hopefully this list means only that you can’t choose them ahead of time, but that you can once you are in the parks.

I won’t be able to test out the new DAS process since my ds will probably not be traveling with me to WDW anytime soon He far prefers staying home as much as possible. WDW is somewhere we (I) “force” him to go, not somewhere he wants to be. Between the people, sound, and overall sensory overload, it is a lot of work for him to visit.


Hmm, I wonder if keeping them off the pre-selected list is for the purposes of stopping mis-use of the system by unscrupulous people?

Surely they will allow DAS for these rides in the park. Because “you could skip the line if you pay extra” does not meet any legal standard for an accommodation I could imagine.

I hope the new system just makes life easier for everyone who needs DAS. Done. End of the story. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Edited: for clarification, when I mention “unscrupulous” I really, really mean people looking to take advantage, who know they do not need this accommodation. I never judge who “needs” it and who doesn’t, as it has nothing to do with me and is not for me to have an opinion.

Unfortunately the narrative of the “person taking advantage of the system” is probably stronger than the reality of that happening. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney was taking steps to keep that narrative at bay by not allowing the ILLS rides as pre-selected. And now, back to my feeling that they better allow these rides while in the park.


There used to be rampant abuse under the GAC system that predated DAS. And I think one of the reasons they are evolving the system is because abuse has been increasing. There have been certain YouTubers who filmed their interactions to teach people what to say to get the DAS.
The new language about consequences if you are caught abusing the system makes me feel like they are trying to make it harder to cheat AND that they are going to be scrutinizing requests a little more. Which I sorry 1000%.

I am fine with the IAS/LL+ not being open for preselection to keep abuse down as long as they are still selectable in the park.


Hopefully the new system strikes the right balance of increasing convenience and cracking down on misuse!


For a long time we didn’t use DAS (or TSA Cares) because ds “can” stand in line …but it is a good bit of mental work for him to do so. The crowds, noise, and other sensory input is a bit overwhelming and he hits his “wall” a lot sooner than if we use DAS.

I used to feel as if we were taking advantage of the system if we opted to use DAS, but a good friend pointed out to me that these (DAS, TSA Cares, etc) programs were available for a reason and ds’s experience (and ergo ours as a family) are greatly improved when doing so.

Why is it that those that need these supports feel guilty for using them but many that don’t need them, take advantage?




Totally agree. We’re probably going to get DAS for DD7 when we next go (hopefully next August if Biden doesn’t shut the US again!) - she basically can’t control her bowel movements so standing for a long time in a queue is a bit of a risk. She qualifies for a disability payment in the UK, but I still feel like I’m cheating somehow by applying for DAS.