DAS Pass and timing

We are getting a DAS pass as soon as park opens… how much time should we allow for this process?? What would be a good set time to select our first FP prior to our visit?

It really depends on how busy the guest services is. I’ve heard a few reports of people being able to do it outside MK, but most of the time people have to do it inside.

I would schedule FP for 9:30/10:30/11:30 or so. Then you can ride a few things walk on before FP or guest services for DAS, ride a few smaller rides walk on, and hit your first FP before 10:45.

We’ve set up DAS twice at MK at Main St guest services. Each time was right before/after the 3pm parade and it took about 10 minutes.

If it’s a normal MK 9am open, you can get on Main street at 7:45 and do it before rope drop.

If lines look long at guest services at rope drop, I would take advantage of walk on rides. Start doing your FP rides when lines pick up, maybe closer to 10 and swing back to guest services later in the morning for it.

There’s also a guest services in Liberty square in MK. It was really busy at noon when we went, but usually quiet.

We typically only use DAS 1-2x per day and use our FPs the rest of the time. If you anticipate using the DAS more often and earlier, I would budget 15-20 minutes in the morning to get it set up and you need everyone in your groups magic bands or tickets to do it.


We also don’t get it first thing in the morning. DS can handle waiting in the shorter lines, so we want to take advantage of those at rope drop rather than being stuck in guest services. We also only use it once or twice a day, on the rides with the longest lines that we can’t get FP for. If you expect your experience to be different and need to get it right away, then everything depends on how many people are in front of you. The actual process of talking with a cast member and getting it added to everyone’s band has only taken us about 5 minutes.