DAS - Linking People

I’m thinking of getting a DAS for my 12yo.

I understand about going to Guest Services and explaining why ds needs the pass. My question , ds and I will be there for a day before my dd arrives. Do we need to return to Guest Services to link her with his DAS or can they do it automatically when we get it on the first day since she is linked to us?


I don’t think everyone needs to be there, but you do need magic bands for everyone who needs to be linked.

If you have an old band of DD’s, you could take that. It would then show up whichever band she uses.

I may have our resort only bands from two years ago somewhere. This is our first trip to the parks at WDW since 2011!

Otherwise, we will make a second trip to Guest Services on day 2 to include dd.

When I got DAS 2 years ago, we were told that additional guests joining us later, had to go to guest services to be added because they take pics of everyone in the party. Not sure if anything has changed since then.