DAS - just need to clarify a couple of things please. :)

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I’ve not used DAS before at WDW so please can I just check a couple of concerns I have.

I understand the advance choices situation, and also know that they are separate from the regular DAS picks we can make once in the park.

But with the DAS returns we need to get on the day, on the app. When it’s for the very popular attractions (RoR, Slinky etc) can they run out? I keep looking at the app and see that the LL selections are gone for the whole day even in the morning.

Will that mean we would be out of luck getting the DAS if the LL are gone?

Or is it the case that LL can be all sold on an attraction for the day - but if it’s a 220 wait then we can get a DAS return and ride in 220 minutes regardless of LL availability?

I hope I’ve worded that correctly. Just trying to get my head around it all.

I’ve never used DAS so I’m just going off what I understand of the program but they can’t run out, your return time is just, as you’ve said, based on how long the line is. If you arrive at 1pm and it’s a 75 minute wait your return time is going to be around 2:15. They’re not tied to lightning lanes.


Amazing - thank you! A big relief!

If it’s a 220 minute standby than return time is the same. The only time it seems to work differently is rides that have virtual queues and boarding groups. I haven’t quite figured those out yet-

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They actually take a little time off the current wait time. I think it is 10 minutes less. If you have any more questions about DAS, you can PM me or tag me in a post like this @JordanRunner . I’m a very infrequent forum visitor these days so you may need to get my attention…


Something to keep in mind is that the second you redeem the DAS, you can select the next one in the app. So as you’re walking through the queue I’d go ahead and grab the next one. That saves you 5+ minutes over waiting until after you’re off the ride. Doing that 5-6 times each day adds up to a lot of saved time.

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Thanks @JordanRunner that’s really helpful!

@noreen99 made a great point - do you know how the DAS works if it’s a virtual queue attraction?

Also - are the DAS returns anything like fastpass where if the return is over a certain length you can request another before riding the next ride?

I didn’t have to use a virtual queue on my most recent trip, and I can’t remember how that would work. Tennically I think you still need to get a boarding group before a DAS return time. It’s possible you could talk to a guest relations CM and get one without the boarding group but I would not count on that.

You can only have one DAS selection at a time. Excluding the pre-selections you already have, which DO expire like the old FP+. The selections you make in the park that day do not expire but you can only have one at a time.

Another trick I learned when I was on the phone with the DAS people… in the app, you can only pick rides for the park that you are currently in. But if you’re planning to hop to another park you can go to a guest relations CM at the blue umbrellas and they can do it for you. We did this before going back to the hotel for midday breaks. That way the second park we went to in the evening we already had a return time for. We did have an issue with one CM that would not allow us to do this though. So as with anything it just depends on the person you’re talking to


To be honest I have never tried but I don’t think it’s possible. That’s where I used genie+ in combination with DAS…the combination fit my needs really well…DAS in mornings genie afternoon

In the My Disney Experience App, once you tap into the park each day a new tab (DAS) will appear on your main page. This will tell you all available attractions with the standby wait times i.e., what time you can ride the attraction. DAS passes don’t run out like Lighting Lanes. You can only have one DAS pass at a time (aside from your two pre-selected choices), and it is not like Genie+ were you can book another one after a certain amount of time. You cant get a new DAS return time until you use the one you have. I agree with the other poster, grab your next DAS as soon as you tap into your attraction (a lot of the rides have two check points so you might need to wait until second tap). It helps to save time.

For Virtual Queues like Guardians, you still need to grab a boarding group (I got ours right at 7:00am). Once your boarding group gets called, you can let the cast member know you have DAS, and you can go through the Lighting Lane. Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with any questions. We just returned from our trip using DAS.


Stepping in here. If you have DAS and wish to ride an attraction with a VQ, you still need to obtain a VQ.


Cosmic rewind.

Get a VQ at 7am. When your group is called you will visit the CMs at the attraction and let them know you participate in the DAS program. They will verify this info, and then you and up to 5 others in your party will have their VQ return turned into a lighting lane and you will enter through the LL tap points/entrance.

But DAS is now a HARD 6 person maximum and there are ZERO exceptions, or so I have been told this week. Lots of changes because there’s been a lot of abuse.

Hope this helps!


This is very disappointing. Was thinking about bringing the grandparents with us on the next family trip in the fall. That would make a group of 7. :frowning:

can I ask, prior to DAS going digital- I found they would allow traveling party based on number in room.

Is that still I thing?

Questions as well.

With pre- selected rides-- you do have to be in the return window? You can’t go late? Say Splash for 10am, I cannot do that one if instead we arrive at noon?

My friend has the DAS and preselected rides yesterday (not much was available-- our trip is in 6 days)---- I might have told her wrong on what time to get pre selected return times. Anyone have info on the pre selected time rides? thank you so much!

Pre-selections do have a 1-hour time window. There is a 10-15 minute grace period I believe though. After that, you are out of luck. DAS selections made in the app while in the park do NOT expire.

If you want to change your pre-selection times, I think you can do that up to 2 days before or something like that, I can’t remember the cutoff exactly. If you want to change the times, I would call or use the online chat in the next day or two.

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good idea JordanRunner. Yes, we are at a teacher conference and 2 are picked while still in the conference. I’ll advise df. My past usage of DAS (with mom and later a co worker) was before preselects were offered. TY!

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