DAS Genie+ questions!

Thanks to all the amazing discussions I have learned so much about DAS! Couple questions I haven’t been able to find

  1. can you ride the same ride multiple times on DAS or is it 1 and done like genie+?
  2. can you ride the same ride multiple times when using genie+ paired with DAS? Will the app know that you have already tapped into that ride previously whether it was through DAS or genie+ ?

I hope this all makes sense :sweat_smile:

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We were just at WDW in September and my son had DAS.

  1. Yes, you can ride the same ride multiple times on DAS.
  2. If you have Genie+ and DAS, you can reserve one of each ride with Genie+ and still use DAS to ride whatever you want multiple times.


  1. as a DAS user, if you have a boarding group for a VQ attraction, you can go to the blue umbrella at the ride entrance and they will convert it so you can use the ILL entrance instead of waiting in the regular queue.
  2. DAS reservations are good for ANY time after your return time.

Except the 3 that are reserved ahead of time. Although, I did have luck a couple of times when I missed my times. They were very understanding.


We were at least two hours late for a pre-scheduled DAS ride at MK one day. The DAS holder (my 23yo) scanned in as blue as normal, the CM did whatever they normally do for DAS, and we were waved through.


Perfect thank you!


This seems to happen once in a while; sometimes my pre-selected DAS selections (that’s too many “selects” in one sentence…sorry) disappear immediately, in which case they will not work at the tap, but if it is showing in MDE, it seems to scan blue as you say. I will try to get more data points next weekend.