DAS Candidate Question?

I’m travelling with my 73-year old dad who has severe arthritis in hips and knees (had one knee replaced already). He can walk/hobble around okay, but standing still for long periods is very painful and exhausting for him (he also has chronic leukemia), to the extent the we avoid long lineups. We have no problem waiting for attractions, but it’s very difficult for him to stand in a line for a long period, he’d be better off sitting on the bench outside.
Is this the kind of case where we should talk to guest services about a DAS card? I don’t want any “special” perks for him, I just want him to be able to go on rides that he’ll enjoy without having to stand in pain for 40 minutes to do so.

Yes. I would certainly talk to them about the DAS card.

He might also want to consider an ECV. My Dsis (in her 40s) also cannot stand for long periods, although she can walk fine. She finds it helpful in the parks.

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Be prepared for the CM to send you to rent a wheelchair or ECV. It’s a great moneymaker for them, and they do not issue DAS cards for “mobility issues”. It has been a while since I’ve had this problem, so maybe they have relaxed the policy. Let us know what happens! Have a great trip!