DAS and park hopping

Does anyone know if I can request a return time for another park? For example, as we leave MK, could I request a FOP return time for when we hop to AK after 2pm?

Aside from the ones you set up initially ahead of time, don’t you have to present at the ride to get a return time based on the actual return time at that time??

I’m thinking this can’t be done.

It’s all electronic. From what I remember, and this was in November last year if I remember, I had to tap in at the new park to get a DAS return time - not sure if they have changed it since then. The new DAS system that works really, really well at Disney.


Nope, you definitely have to tap in to your next park before choosing a return time for another park. In fact, all members of the party that you want to grab DAS for have to have tapped in; ran into that several times when teenagers communicated that they were “about to enter the park” and they meant “about to roll out of bed.” :laughing:


I used DAS at Universal last few trips as well. Each morning, I would get up and trek to the park as the teenagers slept in. There, you need to go to each ride and get a return time. I would hike to either Hagrid’s or Velocicoaster, grab the return time, go pick up the wheelchair for DS and get a drink for breakfast and STILL have time to wait for DS and DN to roll out of bed and to the park!

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Where did you go to sign up at Universal? Did you have express pass? I ask because when we went in June 2021 we tried to get their version of DAS and once we finally found where we could get it they said there wasn’t any point since it would just duplicate the express pass we had from staying at HRH. Back then we probably wouldn’t have fit on Hagrids and VC was so new we didn’t want to deal with it. However, I was not told we could get return times for either of those rides. Obviously since express pass isn’t used on them the DAS-like pass would be very helpful. I’m really annoyed that the guy didn’t tell us about this. Thanks.

I do have Express Pass and I always get DAS for those 2 rides. They fed you a lot of bull. I will say for Velocicoaster, it can sometimes be a wait if you have a wheelchair or scooter. They only have a small space for them, so if there are a lot in line, you need to wait in the family room until space becomes available.

I called first and was approved over the phone and was given a confirmation number that no one could find when I went to guest services, so I needed to explain why I needed it again. But since then, once approved, I just need to bring the DAS booklet back and they issue a new one no questions asked. I use the guest services in the park because the line is usually shorter.

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So would you recommend calling them first or just going to guest services? Also, we had a hard time finding the GS to get their version of das from. We kept going up to places and being told we needed to go somewhere else.

Thanks for the confirmation on bull. :upside_down_face:

It’s the one right inside each park! For both, go into the park and it’s on the right hand side. I would say try calling, because it didn’t take long and hopefully it will work better for you. But it has been really easy when I get to guest services.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

Good luck!

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When we used it at Disneyland they were very good about letting us hop back and forth with return times in the other park. However, it’s completely walkable to hop between parks at DLR. Our last DLR trip was 10/2021, and it hadn’t been revised to the electronic version yet. We just used the GS umbrella stands to request return times.
But since so much is dependent on “tapping in” at WDW I get that it would be required for DAS as well.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I read somewhere that guest relations can do it for you. You have to be in-park for it to work in the app, but any of the blue umbrella cast members can set it up for you before you hop.