Darth Vader outside of Star Wars Weekends

So, my oldest is saying the character he is most looking forward to meeting is Darth Vader; during non-Star Wars Weekends, does DV do any meet & greets, or is it just limited to the Jedi Academy appearances?

Pretty sure hes only at Jedi academy BUT your ds would love that… Forget meeting him… Fight him with your own light saber!!! :slight_smile: my ds also really enjoyed just watching the show and the other kids fight him! My ds5 is so into Star Wars right now!


My DS6 is, and loves watching the Clone Wars off of Netflix - DS5, on the other hand… :disappointed:

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If you’re going to the Studios May 4th - June 14th, even if it is not during a (Star Wars) weekend, then you get a brief photo op with Vader before the Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast! at the Sci-Fi Theater Restaurant. That’s the only regular appearance that I know about.

Try and convince him to do it – totally worth it. Probably one of the best interactions we had all week. I actually think I saws tears in my husband’s eyes at one point.

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Alas, our trip isn’t until the end of October. :frowning: