Dark Sky, how acccurate do they seem to be

With this crazy weather, I really like the forecast best that Len uses to link to this page, as that forecast is the best I have seen for our trip that starts Saturday. Anyone notice if it does ok a few days out?

In my experience any forecasts beyond 3 days out are a WAG…


Generally accurate. But weather prediction is still one of those things, even with all these computery thingamabobs, that we can’t seem to master.

HOWEVER: Dark Sky is my favorite app because of the rain alerts. Scary accurate – especially in Florida! Turn on your rain alert in the app and you’ll be ready with your poncho before the skies open. It’s one of my favorite Disney tips. :cloud_with_rain: :iphone:

A little more info: It’s down-to-the-minute accurate on rain alerts – most of the time. I believe it works by looking at multiple weather sources and gauging when rain will hit you, based on speed / direction of the storm, how heavy it is, and your location (within 6 feet) – thanks, GPS!

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Two years ago in September, dark sky was totally useless short of getting a rough (and I do mean rough) idea of when the rain would stop.

Today, specifically this week, it has really helped. While still not “down to the minute” enough to my liking it has been exceptionally close and there’s been a few times it’s given me the ability to plan ahead. Because it not only been accurate of when it’ll rain, but how hard.

But no, it’s not a good long-term predictor. It shines with minuscule details of when it’ll rain in the next few minutes, it’s ability to look beyond an hour becomes heavily suspect. But then that’s Florida for you.

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Major miss on dark sky tonight. a whopper of a storm came through and nothing from Dark sky while accuweather called it. DS said it was only supposed to be light rain, and at a slight maybe st that maybe (28%).

Yeah that light rain was one of the heaviest downpours I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t even see the castle from the plaza at one point.

Hilarious to be out in if you’re me and just got done riding space Mountain for the first time… but for everyone who is affected by rain, probably wasn’t a good night.

Thanks guys. At the airport now watching the next 10 days. Just planning to be wet, but will report back how it works this week and next. First named storm might be Memorial Day weekend.

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