Dark Arts shows with 7pm close?

Hi, we’re hoping to see the Dark Arts show in Wizarding World this Saturday (Oct 23rd) for our first time visiting Wizarding World. They say the shows start around dusk, but the park closes at 7pm on Saturday.

Does anyone know if there will still be Dark Arts show(s), or is it only on days when the park is open until 8pm?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Maybe it’s wrong in the App because every other day says 8:00.

Touring Plans also says 7:00, which usually mimics the official hours. Weird

BTW, welcome @citizenunicorn !

You have the error where the dates are slid over one day, note how the 20th is empty. Empty your cache and try again. Mine is showing 7pm.

OP, I’d reach out to Universal on social media if you can to see when it officially starts.

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If dusk is 7:12, I doubt they would have that protection show if they close at 7:00. Yes, good advice to ask.

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Thank you for the welcome & the advice, I tweeted my question to Universal and will update if/when I hear back! :slight_smile:


Here’s my responses from Universal! No go on Saturday evening, but they did confirm it will happen on Friday and Sunday for the 8pm park closures.

Thanks again for the tip to message them, I was really impressed to hear back so quickly!