DAK 7am EMH Mornings

I had posted on here before my trip about 7am DAK EMH mornings and what time to get there in order to ride both FoP and NRJ with little to no wait. There didn’t seem to be a definitive answer so I thought I would post my groups (3 adults) experience. The goal was to get there by 6am for the 7am opening. Our Uber driver got a little confused on where to drop off (the parking CMs were not exactly helpful). We ended up in the normal parking lot and we were walking up to bag check at 6:09. I would say this is the LATEST time you should be there. At about 6:15am the first wave of buses from resorts dropped off and all the sudden instead of 50 people there were 200 in a matter of minutes. I talked to some people who had gotten there before us and they said that they had arrived a little before six and there were maybe 5 other people there. So I would shoot for 6:10 at the latest for a 7am EMH. We rode FoP, NRJ, Primeval Whirl, Dinosaur, the safari and walked 2 of the animal trails and were leaving for Epcot at 9:10am. It was well worth the early morning and the other two in my group couldn’t stop singing my praises!

TLDR: Get to DAK by 6:10am at the earliest for 7am EMH


Thanks for the post. Looks like you got a lot done in 2 hours. This is exactly what I was looking for. Although, our day for AK EMH starts at 8:00 next month. I’m wondering if a 7:00 arrival would be fine, or if the resort buses will be getting in earlier (we’re going to drive). What time did they open the tapstiles? I’ve been reading some older posts saying they open 30 minutes before the official park opening. We need to do a child swap too, so I was wondering if we should have 2 adults do FOP while the other adult takes the kids to Navi. Then the adult who has the swap to go later in the afternoon, since I assume there will still be a long FPP line due to rope drop.