Daily Thread: Wednesday 7/23

Good Wednesday morning Liners! Chat your mouse ears off!!!

SIX days out, friends. Wound up hitting Target last evening and got all I needed except fat clickable sharpies. Will hit staples up for that today.

Tidied up my it in info spreadsheet and sent it to my Dropbox for easy reference during travel via phone.

What else should I be doing??

NDR: Kids called from the beach last night and asked me to come down today, so I will head to the coast mid-morning. Looks like an awesome beach day here!

GOOD MORNING! This is the day I’ve been waiting for: Fall RO discounts! Thunderstorm woke me up to see it posted here. I ran to phone & got last YC CL room my wk for 30% off. 102 days! Good luck, Liners! (Can we still call ourselves that? Now that the gen pub can read all our secrets?)

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You should be packing! :stuck_out_tongue: Have fun!!

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With my kids still away on vacation, I am, for now, about as packed as I can get… That is kinda stressing me out a bit, especially since they come home late Friday afternoon, and I am working 12hr nights all weekend, and 8s on Sunday and Monday night. I get home Tues a.m. around 8 and we leave for the airport at 10ish… (We live around the corner from MHT). Anyway, now is my time to pack, but I can’t without their clothes!!

Oh my! Sorry I didn’t mean to stress you out more!

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Lol you didn’t :slight_smile:

Snacks for the trip? Shows/music/movies downloaded to iPads? Sunscreen bought? Touring plans made? Gum…I always miss gum in the parks. Those are my big ones.

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Doing a 10 day dance today, which is a bit like the single-digit dance, only not quite there yet!

And only 7 days of work (including today) which is extra exciting - after a few weeks of sneaking under the radar, I thought I’d be free and clear of extra work to do until after I got back… nope, got assigned 2 new projects and have a few things which should have stayed on the back burner start to bubble over. Sigh. At least I can look at all of them and say (in my head!!) “Screw this, I’m going to Disney World!”

Have to clean the apartment for my sister who is coming to stay and just a few more things to buy - extra baby powder, some snacks, and more bandages for the DH (long story short, he took a really nasty fall off his bike about a week and a half ago and got some super major road rash - he was super lucky, but man, it’s not pretty to look at! - so if you see someone with a mummy leg, it’s probably us!!)

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Sounds like you’ve got it covered @OBNurseNH! :slight_smile: Have a great day at the beach!

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We are still on family vacation at the seashore with so-so internet access…very frustrating for grammy during afternoon grandkids nap time :wink: Only 10 days until we are back in WDW!!!

Yikes! Maybe DH should take it easy on the Single Digit Dance tomorrow with his mummy leg! Ouch! Hope it heals soon! A very gentle 10 day dance shouldn’t hurt too much though, so have at 'er! :wink: Lol to your project mantra - I’m going to use that one myself! :slight_smile: Have a great day!

Testing the auto close feature. This thread should close on its own tomorrow morning. Haven’t found an auto-open feature, but I’ll look for a hack for it.

Carry on chatting, peeps.


71 days to go! I don’t want to rush summer, but I can’t wait until October!

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Sounds great @LaurelStewart! Good morning everyone!


Good morning! Still getting the hang of the forums… 63 days to go and I’m excited to make our FPP reservations soon!

Thx @len Almost forgot snacks for the trip!! Remembered to grab gum yesterday! PTP are complete, optimized, evaluated…

Completely unrelated…My name is Tina, every time I read your screen name I think of my grandmother. She basically named me. My mom handed me to her after I was born and she declared I was a teeny tiny Tina. They keep the name. Prior to that I was going to be Teresa or Tonya. It just makes me smile and think of her every time I see the screen name.

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2 day countdown for me. Lunch trip planned to stop at Target and Disney store…just in case I need another t-shirt or two. Gotta be up at 5:50 am tomorrow to do my 24 hour SWA check-in. I’ve been using early bird since they came out with it, but didn’t do it for this trip since I’m traveling solo and I decided to save the $$$. Transferring my rewards on my Disney Visa today and doing other last minute trip type things. Happy Hump Day!


Hope you have a great time!!