Daily Thread: Saturday 7/26

So on the forum I am part of that uses this daily thread model, we do a weekend thread rather than one for each sat and sun since the forum is much slower in weekends. I wonder if that will be necessary here…

Three days to go, which means my full trip is now viewable on the TP 10 day forecast!! Crazy how close it is now!!

Work was kind last night. Only 28 working hours separates me from WDW… And don’t tell anyone but there is a chance I might be able to be called off for Monday night, which would mean a real me and not a zombie me checking into AKL after a full night of sleep vs a full night at work! Cross your fingers Liners, and send me some pixie dust!!

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Pixie dust sent @OBNurseNH! Hope you can leave the zombie-you behind! :wink:

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