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Morning all

I’ve vern writing daily blogs of our trip for another group that I’m part off but thought I’d put them here too if they are of interest. Will add them in as I go…

Day 1 - Travel Day

Firstly let me introduce us. There is myself, Emma, who is the planner, my husband iain who does all the stressing and our daughter Neve who is 2. She’s full of beans and also highly allergic (as in anaphylactic) to wheat and allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. I say this now as it influences a lot of what we do. Disney world is brilliant for us as we speak to the chef wherever we eat and feel really safe eating there. Sadly this is not the norm but we are used to it

We booked this trip as a bit of a last minute (in Disney terms anyway) idea. The original idea was a trip in September when the crowds would be really low and back again early 2020 with the in laws to see Star Wars. Of course that all changed when it was announced it was opening early (since when was end of August “late fall”???) Wasn’t too impressed as expected the crowds were going to be high. But with the announcement of the Extra Extra Magic Hours we were hoping it’d be ok

Travel day started really early with taxi to Glasgow airport at 6:45. Bags dropped off and delighted that hubby didn’t get the dreaded extra security. Think this is the first time we have been to the states without that. Security was surprisingly quick - we have to carry various medications, epi pens and lots of food for Neve as she can’t eat plane food and usually takes ages for the extra screening but super efficient today. We had booked the Lomond Lounge, was really good. Well worth the money. I have American pancakes for breakfast and 3 belinis. Himself had eggs benidict and 3 cocktails too. We took it in turns to take Neve out to run around. The lounge staff kindly warmed up some of the masses of food I had taken

Boarded Virgin flight on time but was 45 mins late taking off. We were in PE seats in the bubble. Next time I’d make sure we were downstairs to be honest. Food was good, Neve had a fruit platter and sausages and spaghetti I had taken. Must have looked harassed as they kept offering us 2 drinks every time they came round :woman_shrugging: wasn’t going to say no. I’d love to say Neve was perfectly behaved on the plane, but she’s 2 and doesn’t sit still ever. She was pretty good, no meltdowns and didn’t annoy anyone (I don’t think anyway!!)

Landed at 3pm and immigration took about an hour. Was what we were expecting really. Fairly quick getting bags and the pram and across to the magical express. Had to wait about 20 mins for that. Neve crashed out on the bus. I had hoped she’d nap on the plane but no luck there. Whilst queuing for the express checked MDE and saw we had been allocated a room in Jamaica (we are staying at CBR for the first 2 weeks). We had originally requested Jamaica but put in a follow up request for Aruba as had heard that the pool in Jamaica was shut

At check in they re assigned us a room in Aruba, we opted out of Mouse keeping ($130 gift card) and picked up our mugs and a quick serve pulled pork sandwich to share. We have the QSDP and intend on eating all of it! Unpacked and having an early night as Neve is still sound asleep. Really liking the look of the resort (from what I’ve seen so far). The smell in the lobby is lovely, anyone know what it is??? The heat doesn’t seem as intense as previous trips, the guy who took luggage round to the room says the humidity had really dropped?

Plan is animal Kingdom for EEMH tomorrow morning and will see how long we last. Rough idea is to leave at about 1, back for naps (cause neve will either have us awake during the night or super early, she’s a terrible sleeper!) and then Epcot later on to catch Starship who are playing Eat to the Beats. Got safari, navi river and river rapid fast passes. I am a massive fan of touring plans and have them created for our park days. Our family doesn’t do going with the flow. It always leads to arguments and we also have to figure out where we can feed Neve in advance. Plans frequently change mind you but I like to have a good idea what we are doing in advance.

Thanks for reading!


Day 2 - animal Kingdom

Himself slept to 2am, Neve until 3am. Naps will be needed today! Neve woke at 10pm last night very disoriented and couldn’t figure out where her bus was (she fell asleep on the magical express!). We could hear fireworks going off, Epcot ones I assume? Beds and pillows are super comfy. The air con is a bit noisy but it acts as white noise and the room stayed cool (I had thought the air con was motion activated so it’s a good thing really!)

After giving up on sleep (Neve was hungry as she hadn’t had dinner the night before) we got ready and went out to find the freestyle machine to get water. Think we were def the only ones up! Neve had some cereal in the room, brought cereal and soya milk from home. Very odd to wander round a resort that’s so quiet. Walked to old port royal to kill some time and got a bus about 6am. Neve was king of the bus (one for any Tracker fans out there)

Practically at the front of the queue waiting for bag check to open. Was still dark, another first being in a park that early. Picked up a joffery’s pink donut while we were waiting, this was one of our favourite snacks last time. We were in the park just before 7 and right at the front for rope drop. One of the very few people who weren’t going for FOP and walked round a deserted park to Everest. As it was walk on they weren’t doing rider swap. Himself was one of the first to ride and then I walked on. Really enjoyed it and hadn’t done this one before. Round to Dinoland and we stayed in TriceraTop Spin for a couple of goes. Couldn’t believe how quiet it was. Decided to do Navi River (even though had a fast pass for later on). Showed 10 min wait but walked on. Still a ride I wouldn’t queue a long time for.

At this point decided to deviate from our touring plan (shock horror) and go meet Mickey as it was to open at 8am. Clearly he didn’t have jet lag issues and slept in cause it wasn’t opening until 9 ( app said 8, there was a few people looking for him). Picked Neve some strawberries as she was wanting a snack. Went to do the safari (had a fast pass) but it was temporarily not running so did the gorilla trail while we waited. Saw baby grace

Safari next, when did they fix the bridge?? Tried to meet mickey but queue was 40 mins, moving slow and Neve was hitting a brick wall. Combination of tired, hyper, hungry and she wasn’t for standing in a queue. Hopped back to Dinoland and met Scrouge, back on TriceraTop, a strawberry lolly and met goofy. Went to Restaurantsaurous (or however you spell it) as knew she could get a burger and fries. Was badly needed after such an early start. This is where I think Disney hasn’t quite got it right. With the really early opening, they need places open earlier for lunch. We had originally wanted to try flame tree BBQ but was better going for the safe option for Neve.

Had fast passes for river rapids and Neve finally fell asleep in the pram. Neither of us got too wet thankfully. Wandered back to Pandora to get a night blossom and then back to the busses. She woke when we got on the bus, had hoped she would stay sleeping to allow us a nap too but no such luck. Chilled in the room for a little then off to the pool. Lots of fun on the slides

Got changed and went to get a bus to Epcot but it was taking ages and we were all tired so gave up and went to order food. Chef came out and ordered her allergy chicken tenders and fries along with our food to take out. As it was taking a while Iain took Neve back to the room and I followed with the food. Only to find out when I opened it the order was wrong. Mine was missing and there was 2 lots of chicken tenders (although she told me which box was the allergy order I couldn’t chance getting it wrong) Had to go all the way back to get it re done. Should always check an allergy order when you get it. Rookie mistake. Manager apologised but it rather took the wind of our sails. Just a reminder to never get complacent. Apparently was a mistake it how it was rang up on the till. By time I eventually got back had gone off the idea of food but neve liked them

Going to have an early night and it’s magic Kingdom tomorrow!


Looking forward to reading more! Always nice to see another UK liner as well.

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Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

Slept until half 4 so much better than yesterday! Not so lucky with the busses this morning. Had to wait about half an hour. The busses aren’t that great from CBR it seems. The bus info system wasn’t very good and didn’t have any info on several park buses

Got to magic kingdom just after rope drop, had planned on slightly earlier but bus didn’t come early enough. However, we LOVED EEMH. got so much done. Not as quiet as animal yesterday but everything was walk on and several rides we stayed on for several rides as there was no one waiting. We did: tea cups, carousel (I can never spell this!), Peter Pan and it’s a small world (I prefer the one in DLP I’m afraid)! Back to tea cups (apparently it’s the new favourite) then we tried out barnstormer. Neve’s first rollercoaster and we stayed on twice. Loved it. Then Dumbo (had a fast pass for later) and stayed on for 3 rides in a row.

Next we did the speedway. It’s safe to Neve isn’t a good driver and it’s surprisingly hard to try and video and drive from the car behind! People mover next (good for a rest!) picked Neve up a strawberry ice lolly and then headed up to Gaston’s for cinnamon roll. My favourite! Neve got changed into her belle dress for enchanted tales with belle. She is one of her favourite princesses and she refused to go near her! Kids are weird at times. Tea cups again (and had to be done in her belle dress) used our fast pass on dumbo then cosmic rays for an early lunch. Not one I’d have picked myself but it has a good allergy menu. Someone came out to do the allergy order. They don’t have egg allergy buns anymore (I know a few of you have mentioned egg allergies) so they have an extra burger!

From here we caught the end of Move it, Shake it and then fast passes for 7DMT. Really thought she would fall asleep by this time - she had been on the go from 4am. But no. And this is where it all started to go downhill. Overtired Neve = wild, hyper and badly behaved Neve. I can’t be the only one who’s child is like this?? It was getting really hot by now, so decided to try the monorail to see if she’s drop off. Of course she didn’t. Stopped off at the Poly and got a dole whip for us all to share (the vanilla one is the only one that had dairy in it). By this point we gave up and got an Uber back.

Spent the afternoon in the room and a quick trip to the small pool near the room. Allergy chicken tenders and fries for dinner in the room and an early night for us all.

Epcot tomorrow but if we are up early we are off to Hollywood for EEMH


Thank you. Yeah always like to see what fellow Brits are saying. On the other group I’m in touring plans was getting a lot of love!

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She’s so cute!

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Great report so far. Looking forward to more!

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Day 4 - Epcot (with a quick trip to Hollywood before hand)

Neve finally went to sleep at about 7:30 last night. How does she do it? That was a 15 hour day, running around, in the heat. Most normal 2 year olds would have had a nap surely??

Anyway, woken up by the fireworks twice. I’m glad I’ve brought some ear defenders for Neve for when we do go see them cause they really are loud. I woke at 5 and the others at about 6. Decided we would swing by Hollywood seeing as we were awake early and Epcot doesn’t open until 9

Bus came quickly and we were at Hollywood at 7:30am. There was a big queue of people doing a preview of the Skyliner and getting on. Are they doing a soft opening?? Really excited to try these out soon. Star tours was walk on and we both had a shot. I took Neve to meet Minnie and Mickey. For some reason on this trip she’s really not liking the characters. She’s constantly asking to see them but then refuses to see them once we are there. We left the small queue for Olaf as she decided she didn’t want to see him. From here went on a walk into Star Wars land. Himself is a massive Star Wars fan, he went to do single rider while Neve and I had a look around. Didn’t see any storm troopers but say Ray, a rebel spy, Finn and Chewie. Well at least that’s who I think they were! Lots of cool photo ops here. We are back again to see round it all properly but really liked it

Left around 9 ish and jumped on a boat to Swan and Dolphin and then walked round boardwalk and came through internal gateway. Went to soarin first for me to ride and loaded rider swap for himself. It’s one of my favourite rides, I love all the smells. They did living with the land while I rode and then I took for to figment while himself was on the ride. Nemo next then Neve was flagging. Stopped by electric umbrella for allergy fries. Had a fast pass for spaceship earth but decided she needed some quiet time in pram and very ever hopeful she’d have a nap and we could have a leisurely stroll round world Showcase and pick up some lovely food without having to think about allergies. But you guessed it. She didn’t. That said we did manage steak from Canada, Frothy ramen and teriyaki bun from japan

Lobster roll, beef slider and carrot cake with a wine from USA

Headed for a bus back which came quickly and back to the room to chill. Went to the main pool to have a million goes on the slides and a quick change and off to Springs for food. Got Neve a burger and fries from D lux. She really liked but the vinegar on the fries (they are soaked in it overnight) irritated her hands and they were quite itchy after. Got her a sorbet at Hagen das (although a bit difficult getting the allergy info to start with). Went to polite pig for us. But it got late, she was tired, it was busy so quickly ate some and took the rest to go. Long wait for the bus home but we made it back, showered and sorted for the morning and Neve was asleep by 9.

A fab day and did loads again. Original plan for tomorrow was up for Hollywood EEMH but not going to set an alarm and will just head in when Neve wakens.

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I’m enjoying your report and can relate to having a child that would not sleep in a stroller. My daughter slept in her stroller twice in her life, once because she had a fever, and once at the end of a marathon day of 12 plus hours at Disneyland, and even then her nap lasted less than an hour. My friends always raved about going shopping or getting their nails done while their child napped. I could never understand how this was even possible. Sounds like your Neve is taking it all in!

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She used to sleep in the pram loads. Clearly it’s far too exciting and we’ve given up on even trying to get her sleeping during day now!!

Day 5 - Hollywood studios and Typhoon Lagoon

Woke about 6 and waiting for a bus by half 6. Waited for quite a long time for the bus. They aren’t very frequent in the morning and if you really want to get there for rope drop you need to be super early for buses or Uber

Straight to toy story land. Loaded rider swap for Slinky and did ASS 2 times in a row. Himself and Neve did toy story mania whilst I did slinky. Def the busiest we seen it in EEMH. Another go on slinky then we headed into Star Wars land. Passed by some of our favourite vloggers but didn’t stop to say hi. Got a green milk and I did MFSR as a single rider. Hit the jackpot and got pilot. Really enjoyed it

Managed to get a walk in for Oga’s and had a fuzzy something or other. It makes your lips all tingly!!! It was getting really busy just after 9 so we moved on

Rider swap for star tours again and Neve got a free ice lolly. Didn’t bother with any of the character meets and killed some time until our fast pass for Frozen sign along. Neve loved this

ABC Commissary for lunch. Purely because it had allergy offerings. Neve was looking tired so decided it was best to call it quits at this point. My other fast passes were for Indiana which we decided would be too loud and ASS which we had done several times. Bus back and chilled in the room for a hour or so

Headed back out to typhoon lagoon (after himself had to run all the way back to the room from the bus stop as we had forgotten to pack the water shoes. My head seems to be mush these days). Had a blast. Neve did both the family raft rides, some of the little kiddies slides and the wave pool. Left not long before park closing and there was no busses to be seen for CBR so got an Uber. Dinner in the room an another early night hopefully

So that’s us 5 days in (inc travel) and have been to all the Disney parks. Thoughts so far

  • Magic is our favourite, so much for Neve to do
  • Animal didn’t have the same magic as it did last time for some reason. It was our favourite last time we came. Going again tomorrow so will see if still feel the same
  • Hollywood still feels like a more adult park. There isn’t a lot for toddlers who have taken a dislike to charters. Star Wars land is impressive but not really getting a proper chance to explore it with Neve not being interested at all
  • Epcot holds so much promise with food and wine being on but again it’s not quite worked out for us so far
  • Allergies. I’m struggling to find allergy snack and breakfast items in the parks. Cause we are in the parks for EEMH the hotel breakfast isn’t open. For adults it’s ok as can grab stuff in Starbucks for example but I can’t seem to find anything for Neve. I really do love the efforts WDW go to and how they cater for her allergies but it does mean we are eating in the big fast food places (burgers etc) most of the time as it’s too difficult for us to do 2 meal times. It’s not a complaint but there is so many other places we’d like to eat but haven’t as they don’t have food for Neve. She’s happy eating chips and burgers and that’s what’s important
  • Busses are very hit and miss. For getting to the parks for rope drop we’ve decided we are just going to Uber it.

Plan tomorrow is animal Kingdom. Going for EEMH and an early lunch. Back to hotel for a rest, swim, do some washing and order some bits for her via instacart. Then hopefully back to AK for some of the later things (like the dance parties) and rivers of light


Enjoying following along.

I think you meant A2S :slight_smile: … otherwise you have the wrong park and definitely the wrong forum.

In all seriousness, it looks like a great trip! I’m going to have the same issue with Star Wars with my crew. DD4 has said she doesn’t want to go because she will be scared of Kylo, Darth Vader and Chewbacca. My wonderful DW who has no interest in Star Wars said I can go for an afternoon while the kids are taking a break at the resort.

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Ha ha, just realised that! The characters are great for wandering around, didn’t see darts at all. Getting in child free would be good!

Were you able to go directly from Toy Story Land into SWGE > are they openly allowing traffic in & out of that corridor now? I’ve read that at various times, CM’s were trying to control entry into SGWE through just Grand Avenue.

Yes we did. Can’t recall exactly what time we went through, it was about 8am…

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Day 6 - Animal Kingdom

Neve (and therefore all of us) had a bad night with a cough and sore throat so although she was awake at 6 we decided on a slow start to the day instead of rushing out

Made it to animal kingdom for just before 8. For the bus from the Aruba bus stop this time and wait wasn’t too bad. Went straight to Everest and we took it in turns to ride, both of us walked straight on. Over to Dino land for himself and Neve to do couple of goes on TriceraTop while I did Dinosaur. Himself did that one while Neve and I shopped. Neve loves to shop, too much in fact. She got some princes pens

Went to do the Jungle trek and picked up an ice lolly and a Joffrey’s donut on the way. I was again moaning about the lack of breakfast in the parks when himself found yak and yeti cafe and promptly got breakfast for himself and hash browns for Neve (I ate the donut to myself). Clearly my planning was useless

Decided to skip jungle trail and got the train out the the conservation station. Was a nice place to go but prob for kids older than Neve. Train back and was time for FOP fast pass. I went first and they got a drink near Tiffins. Love this ride but the flight glasses were not as good as before. The effect wasn’t as sharp. I thought it was cause I wasn’t wearing my glasses but himself said the same

While he was riding I was sorting lunch for Neve and I. I did a mobile order of fries with pulled pork and cheese after being gutted that 8 spoon cafe was closed. Never had a dance at the dance party while waiting for my food. Then off to the restaurant in Dino land for her. They kindly gave her free allergy free cookies and carried our food as I had Neve and the pram and no free hands.

We called it quite after this and back home. Quiet time in the room for a couple of hours. Did a quick food shop on Instacart (I love this service), washing and dip in the pool.

We had decided against going back to Animal Kingdom for ROL. Jumped in an Uber and off to Disney Springs. Got her a burger and fries out of D Lux (the chips were actually quite poor tonight) and we got food from Morimoto Asia street food. Really enjoyed this, best food we’ve had since been here. Then some shopping. First stop - Kate Spade. I got a bag last year and another one today. I realise could have got bags cheaper at the outlets but we aren’t going to them. Neve has a real love for bags and himself was starting to sweat at the cost he was going to have to pay (think he saw a glimpse of the future!). Went to world of Disney where Neve picked a much more reasonably priced Ariel pack back (or a pack pack as she calls them). Uber back and we are all done in (hence the rather rushed write up)

Had a lovely day today and feel like we are hitting our stride now. Magic tomorrow. Plan is in early (but not setting an alarm), home after an early lunch then in about 4 or 5. I really want to see the fireworks. Last year we saw them from

California grill but not the parks as Neve was really little and didn’t sleep great so hopefully will get to see them!


It was my first time on FOP in August and I wondered why nobody had mentioned how blurry it was! It was better on a higher level.

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It’s really a big shame cause it def impacted on the ride!



Day 7 - Magic Kingdom

Day 7 already!!! However feels like we have done so much on this trip. The EEMH have been amazing and meant we’ve done so many rides before it gets hot and busy. Today was originally supposed to be resort for the morning and then magic late afternoon for fireworks. However we decided we would go to magic early for some rides and head home after an early lunch then back in. Got to magic just before 8 and went straight for Space Mountain and loaded up a rider swap. We both walked straight on. Did teacups and speedway with Neve while we taking turns to ride. Afraid I prefer DLP version of space but still good ride.

Picked up another strawberry lolly for Neve and a cats tail for me (another of my favourite snacks). Dumbo next and Neve also had a play in the play area there (even though there was hardly a queue). Another shot on the carasoul (still can’t spell it) and then we got a really good spot for watching the Friendship Faire at the castle. Neve loved this. Which is odd as she won’t go near the characters at the M&G’s :woman_shrugging:

Lunch at Columbia Harbour House. Usual for Neve (allergy burger with no bun and fries) and back to the room for a good couple of hours. Managed to fix the locking from wheel on the pram with a hair tie and managed to get the cork out of a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, we were rather impressed with ourselves!

Jumped on the bus back to MK and had a fast pass for Jungle cruise. Even the fast pass queue was long for this one. A go on the magic carpets and then it all went a little wrong. We had fast passes for Thunder and Splash and loaded up rider swaps for each other. The cunning plan was that would get Neve dinner at Peco Bill’s and we’d take it in turns to do the rides. Well Peco’s doesn’t do fries and only thing she’d eat there was a burger. So himself took her to Cosmic Rays whilst I did splash. We all ate at Cosmic and didn’t get on the rides. But never mind, will do another day.

By now it was dark and very pretty (and super busy!). Did the tea cups and horses before finding a really decent spot for the fireworks at the bottom of Main Street. Then just before the fireworks, SHE FELL ASLEEP! Like seriously, she won’t sleep all week and she sleeps now. And slept through the whole fireworks, mad dash for a bus and all the way back. Can’t believe it! Loved the fireworks!!

Quiet morning planned and then think it’s Epcot tomorrow