DAH Plans

We will be at DAH next month on the 21st. Dd and I sat down today and came up w/ a game plan…What do you think?

Arrive at MK at 2pm
Do all of Tomorrowland (already have FPs for SM, Buzz, and the Speedway) before our 5:30 BOG ADR.

After dinner do Mickey’s Philharmagic, then head over to Liberty Square for HM.

–>I’m wondering if there will be any DAH Check-in options in Liberty Square or Fantasyland? I’ve read reports from last year that there was one in LS and someone reported that there was one in Tomorrowland last night at the first one this summer.

After HM, we will head back to Splash & BTMRR and then do as much as we can in Adventureland before 10pm.

Our focus for DAH is Fantasyland. After that we can then go back and redo some of the things we rode earlier in the day as we have time.

I’m wondering the same thing about other check in options. We are going to be there on the 21st too (it is DS’s 12th birthday!).

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It’s my dd’s 17th birthday! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. I think it’s a great way to spend a birthday!