DAH MK review

We attended the 2/14 event. I enjoyed it! However I will say the park didn’t ever feel empty to me. Most of all of the rides were walk-on except PP & SDMT. We waited about 10-15 min each for those. But we rode everything we wanted and could have done some of them multiple times but that wasn’t really my objective. The character meets, photo ops & snack carts all had long lines. Adventureland & Tomorrowland were the most empty parts of the park, as well as the area near Gaston’s Tavern. It was nice to slowly walk around those areas and enjoy how quiet it was! Fantasyland felt crowded to me the majority of the night. We stayed until 11:45pm. I’m sure if I had held out a little longer I could have gotten some empty Main Street photos but I was just too tired! Haha! Overall, a great event and I would most likely do it again simply because you can accomplish SO much in a short amount of time. Everything I would do in a normal day at MK I was able to do in less than 3 hours! That’s money well spent, my friends. Plus, there were FAR less strollers to navigate around! hehe


Thank you for sharing…it really helps with the decision making process. :slight_smile:

I agree–totally worth it especially for a short trip. My non Disney husband even appreciated the event because he hates crowds.


We were there too! I’ll be writing my thoughts tomorrow. Busy today with playoff hockey


This was at 0038. We were there probably another 10 mins before we got the idea they wanted us to go :wink:


Best photo ever!!

This is amazing! I should have held out!!! But man, I had spent all day at AK and i had no juice left in the tank. Great photo!!!


Yeah we had a slower day - late breakfast, DS, pool and nap, and dinner before heading over. Definitely could not have maintained if in park all day

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best pic ever

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Love this! Did a photo pass photographer take this or did your DH?

My sweet DH :heart: