DAH HS--to do or not?

We have a 2-day trip to WDW/2 days to UOR coming up. I am trying to decide whether to add the DAH at HS. We only spent a couple of hours at HS on our last trip, and DD8 and DS6 have been asking to spent more time there next time. Current plan is:

Day 1-HS for H&V, JTA, SDD, TOT, RNR, and some shows, leave after lunch/break/ EP in evening.
Day 2- EMH at MK/break(hopefully nap)/ AK in afternon (FPP for FOP, EE, Dino at 4, 5, 6 pm).

HS DAH is being offered on Day 2 of our trip. Would give the kids a chance to do those rides to their heart’s content. But that would make for three parks in a day and a HUGE day. If they nap, we could do it, but otherwise it will be too much. But, I can’t predict whether they will not or not, and so won’t know until that day whether it is feasible! I wouldn’t plan to even use all three hours, but even 9:30 to 11 would be tons of fun…


And the other option is that we could just hang out at AK and close out the night there, instead of rushing off to HS. But the pull of DAH is strong…

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Based on what you have planned, I wouldn’t do DAH. But I can understand the draw of it. I think you might get things in, but there’s definitely something to be said for the enjoyment of just taking it easy along the way. Focus on enjoying AK rather than rushing to get through it so that you can get over to HS, etc.

Just my opinion.

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I am a commando. I’d do it.
I wouldn’t take breaks, however. Now you are giving away paid for hours and adding on more paid for hours.

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I know (argh). But there’s no way DS6 will make it w/o a break.

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To me, that almost answers your question. I think you KNOW the right thing is to NOT do DAH, but you really want to and trying to garner support to do it. (That’s what I’m SENSING, at least…I could be totally wrong.)

But I do have a clarification question:

The 2 days to UOR, are they back-to-back with this trip? Or are you talking about two separate trips…this one to WDW, and another coming up for UOR?

If they are back-to-back, it is all the more reason not to try to squeeze in DAH to me.

Also, further consideration is how often you think you’ll return. With two days, you can’t possibly get it all in, so I can only presume you will want to come back…at which point perhaps plan in a DAH event then when there isn’t such a time crunch.

The UOR is back to back–we head there after 2 days at WDW. And we do plan to come back next year. So yes, maybe just not rush through AK. (My husband’s preference as well).

Always trust the husband. Husbands know everything. :innocent: (Ahem.)


PS yes deep down I know DAH is too much. :slight_smile: The one piece of advice I’d give myself from my October trip is not to schedule too much and leave room to wander and smell roses, blah blah blah.


This is how it sounds in my head too! I know I should do it, but the energizer bunny in me just can’t get on board!


I really enjoyed DAH at HS. But I don’t think I would do it on a day with EMH at MK and then AK. That’s a lot to do in one day. And if you aren’t using the entire time at DAH then it’s not worth it considering the cost.

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