DAH...Help me decide!

My husband has given me a green light to buy tickets for DAH for our upcoming trip but I’m struggling to decide if we’d see value added to our trip with it or not. We have 9 day tickets - 3 of those earmarked for MK. Our last two days are MK - one with a PPO BOG, park touring till lunch, mid day break and HDDR for dinner; the other with AM EMH, BBB @ 11 and CRT @ 1. Then we’d leave to head to MCO. DAH is on the day we have PPO BOG so I’m thinking if we choose to do it we could go into the park for breakfast, leave mid-morning, see the early HDDR and then head to MK for DAH (and grab a fairy godmother to watch DD2). I’m also thinking we’d get to the park later the next day and miss the EMH touring hour. I guess my question is…if it were your trip would you pull the trigger on DAH even when you already have lots of opportunity for regular hour MK park touring? DAH will run from 8-11 that night and my other three kids (8, 6, 4) will come with us.

DAH was perfect for me because MK was very hot and busy during the day. I got so much done.

But I was also very tired at the end of the day and cut the following day short as it caught up with me.

Thanks for the input! Just realized someone posted essentially the same question shortly before me. Will go there for advice! Lots of DAH chatter today.

I wouldn’t do it, personally. We have three kids ages 4, 6, and 8, 8-day tickets, and DAH is now available for two days during our trip. We’re not going to do it…it’s so late…to me we could just add another day onto our tickets for $50 instead of paying nearly $500. If someone has a shorter trip I understand it, but with a long trip…I think it loses its value.