DAH event stats?

Are there any DAH event stats anywhere? Like, how long waits actually are for the events, how many people actually attend, etc?

Mostly curious…but I do have a fear that Disney started these with a very low limit in the number of tickets, and over time will gradually increase the number they allow in, basically given people less bang for their buck without knowing it.

completely subjective and from the viewpoint of a solo traveler - i have found the ride wait times to be lower than the average of even lower attended seasons. However the character meet and greets seemed to have longish times to me - i’m not a wait in line for a character guy though so could just be my tolerance.

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How dare you even think WDW might do something like that? :slight_smile: You mean like what has happened with the Halloween and Christmas parties?


I would certainly be curios about the stats as well… I am doing MK DAH at the end of January for my first time. I am hoping that even if WDW has increased the number of tickets available, that the cooler weather will deter enough people to keep the park empty after close. This is the part of the trip I am most excited for!


Well, yes. Exactly.

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I don’t have stats, but we have attended all of DAH events several times. I do think they are either added more tickets or that the events are becoming more popular because the crowd level seems higher than when the events first started. But despite that I haven’t experienced long lines for rides at any of the DAH events (long to me is 30+ minutes).

They are supposed to be selling a fixed number of tickets. And since the events tend to sell out well ahead, this suggests they are, in fact, selling more tickets at the same price.

We bought tickets for the AK DAH event, but I’ll admit I’ll be irritated if the crowds end up being relatively long still. 30 minute waits during a DAH event kind of defeats the point of wanting to do the event to begin with.

Well, anyhow, I’ll try not to let it bother me…but some nice stats of the events might more telling. I’m just not sure that any such stats are available.

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We still did a lot at AK DAH including EE 10 times and FOP twice.