DAH at AK - 2020

Have any liners attended DAH at AK as of late? We are 5 adults with just 3 days of tickets over a weekend. There is a DAH event at AK the day we arrive and I’m wondering if we could do what we were interested in at that time. I would love to do FOP, Navi, Dinosuar, EE, KS and Fotlk. Is that doable ? I believe we can enter the park at 7. Can you make FP if you don’t have a day ticket? We currently have FPs for Fop, EE And KS on our last day so this would replace that day and free us up for other things. My other hesitation is that the next day we plan to try for a BG at HS so guessing we wouldn’t last till midnight … Hours are 9-12. Any thoughts suggestions would be very appreciated !

I’m really excited to do this also! It looks as though the last show of FOTLK is at 6pm. Not sure if they add shows if park hours are extended. You can make FP with the DAH ticket. We are doing KRR from 6:30-7:30, and KS 7:30-8-30. Have a great trip!!!

We are doing this in May, Saturday the 16th. It is our only time in AK for the trip.

As far as Fastpasses, you should be able to secure a FP. We, unfortunately (well, in regards to this) are doing MK in the morning, so we will have our FPs booked already, and it is unlikely we would be able to secure a KS FP as a same day at 7:00. We shall see. But CLs for that day are a 7 at AK, so we will just have to do standby most likely.

Nothing else would we need a FP for since we will be there for DAH.

Have you done AK DAH before? I’m wondering if the lines are still long for FOP as there aren’t a ton of attractions open. Or does the limited ticket sales with the ride capacity make it manageable? I know we won’t make it till midnight so would hope to be able to ride earlier in the night without a long wait.

I have not…but from I have gathered from others who have, it is best to focus on Pandora later. I plan to start at Dinosaur and EE first before heading over to Pandora. It seems most folks head to Pandora first.

My husband and I did DAH at AK earlier this month. We had spent the morning at Epcot and used our first 3 FPs there but managed to secure a SDFP for KS. You might check operating hours for KS for your dates. It closes at sunset. I don’t know how FPs work if you are entering on a DAH ticket only. I think there’s some way to do that but I’ve never tried it.

As far as the event itself, it was very lightly attended it felt like. However, my husband isn’t a huge re-ride person so for us it didn’t add a ton of value. We likely won’t do it again. We arrived around 5:15, rode KS and ate a nice, long dinner at Tiffins before the park closed at 8. We did manage to ride EE 3x, FOP 2x and NRJ once before leaving the park at 10:15. DAH ran 9-12.


Thanks @heart so we’re the rides walk on after 9?

We did it earlier this month. My DD12 rode EE 8 times. And we rode every other ride that was open. I wanted to do FOP more than once but my daughter drug me back to EE so she could ride it 3 more times. She complained that the FOP line was too long - it was like 10 min tops. :rofl: EE was a walk on the entire night.

My kids don’t understand that normal people wait in line and that 10 min. is really nothing.


Yes and we walked on EE before 9 even. The park closed at 8 and DAH started at 9. We were told we couldn’t access lines until 9 but that didn’t end up being the case.

The thing with FOP though is it’s just long however you slice it. Lol. You can basically walk right into the first preshow and the total experience time will still be 20 minutes.


My DS and I did DAH AK and really enjoyed it. But there aren’t a lot of rides. It’s great if you want to re-ride things. We rode Dinosaur, EE x 10 (his idea not mine :joy:), Navi twice (we both enjoy that ride) and FOP twice. We liked the fact that the park wasn’t crowded–AK during the day often feels really crowded to me.


I would definitely do it again. I thought it was worth the money.

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Thanks for all the info! Booking now! Will report back on my experience.

I’m really excited that my family chose to do this during our trip. I presented them with a long list of “extras” and each schedule that came along with each one, and they chose AK DAH. We were only planning one day at AK, and it was meant to be our one park day that was more relaxed than others. I would be happy to ride all of these attractions just once, so the thought that we’ll get to do more than that is really exciting. I’m only worried about our 6 year old who is barely 44 inches tall, she just grazes the mark on my measuring tape- I’m concerned it will be dependent on what cast member is measuring her as to whether or not she’ll ride EE (which she wants to ride.) I am probably buying a $130 ticket for her to dance with Chip and Dale and gorge herself on icecreams… my tweens are going to have a blast though, and it will free up our later AK day ticket to do the other things we might have missed like the animation class or animal trails

I’ve been watching a lot of vlogs that show that in the first hour, lines can still be kind of long, but as they start getting the day guests out, all the rides are walk ons. I’ve heard you can ask to go in the lab portion of the FOP line, because otherwise you just skip that part. For our family of 6, it isn’t a cheap add on, but I think it is going to add a lot to our vacation since we have a very limited time in the park. I am speaking from someone who has never done it yet, though, maybe I’ll have a different tune after we do it.

@ tsobania & @DeepInTheHeartofTexas - Wondering if the park closed at 8 and the event started at 9.
when you attended. That is what it looks like currently for our date. If so, could you do anything between 8 and 9? Did they show ROL? Also, were any restaurants/bars open?

Yes, park closed at 8 and the event started at 9. When we checked in for DAH and got our wristbands they told us we wouldn’t be able to access the rides until 9 but we rode Everest 3 times between 8 and 9 so that didn’t end up being true on the night we attended. Not sure if Pandora rides were handled differently.

I think they did have a ROL scheduled for that hour in between but threatening thunderstorms caused them to cancel the show that night. Not sure about bars and restaurants being open but if you have a late reservation before official park close (say 7:30) I’d imagine you’d be permitted to stay and eat your meal after park closing.

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Doing AK DAH next month, and trying to figure out how to fit Nomad Lounge into the plan. If it closes at 8, and I’m entering the park at 7 and doing KS with a FP first, is there even enough time for Nomad, and do they let you stay in there for awhile past park closing? That would be ideal to grab a drink there while the day crowds are leaving. Then after that it’s a tough choice between lingering crowds and walking, as Nomad is close to Pandora making it easy to start with those rides geographically, but on the other hand, that area will also have the most lingering crowds. So it may be better to walk all the way from Nomad to EE and do that a few times, and Dinosaur, before coming all the way back to Pandora. DAH is supposed to eliminate the need to plan, but I can’t help myself and still want to get the most out of those tickets lol!

I concur with DeepInThe Heart - We started riding rides immediately - before 8. We had just finished EE for the 5th time and on our way to the next attraction and a CM told us it wasn’t open yet. We just nodded and went on our way because EE was open and the next attraction was too (It’s tough to be a bug). There was no gap.

I would image if you are in the door by 7:30 - they will let you stay a little past 8. Otherwise the Thirsty River was open during the event so you could go there if you couldn’t get into Nomad.

Choices. Choices. This is either a big hassle for one ride, or a fun way to do some additional planning. I’m not sure yet.

I now have 5 dummy profiles on my MDE that have AH tickets and a 6:50pm FP for KS that I picked up today at 30 days out. I will be using other FP’s in Epcot earlier the same day on the real profiles. I tested a transfer by creating an additional dummy and reassigning a ticket. The ticket moved, but the FP stayed with the original name. Disney Help Chat had to manually move the FP and didn’t think anything of it. They said Guest Services would do that if any other changes like that were needed when I’m on property. That leaves me with these options for the day of the AH event:

A) After completing Epcot the day of, transfer the AH tickets to the real profiles and stop at Guest Services to fix the FP. This allows continued use of our MB’s.

B) Assume the identities of the dummy profiles. Don’t transfer tickets, but stop at Guest Services to get hard RFID cards.

C) Assume the identities of the dummy profiles, but blow $ on extra MB’s so I don’t have to stop at Guest Services.

D) Just go as ourselves without the prebooked FP and be content with standby and maybe hope to jump in line right before closing (Per TP, KS standby has recently been consistently over an hour up to ~30 min before park close, assuming this will be the case during Spring Break also). This option might be good enough but definitely sacrifices some flexibility not having the FP.

What would you do? Tagging @ryan1 as I remember he’s looking at a similar situation.

Interesting idea to setup alternate identities for the DAH event like that. I’ll have to think on that one…because it would allow us to do something similar, where I pre-book KS at 30 days out, but also obtain MK FPs for the morning.

I’m surprise you didn’t receive hard RFID cards. I received the cards in the mail not long after I booked the event, so it is easy enough to just use those for the DAH event and forget about the MBs.