DAH Annual Pass Discount

We are going to be at Disney for only 1 day and then going to Universal but they are going to have Disney After Hours at Animal Kingdom when Universal closes early so we are thinking of taking an Uber over to Animal Kingdom for the night.
What my big question is if I get an annual pass but do not activate it because we already have tickets for our 1 day then can I still get the annual pass discount for the DAH tickets? It would save us over $90 if it is possible.
Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have a certificate linked to your account? I would suggest if you still cannot buy those tickets online that you go through a mock booking of the MK after hours online and see if it applies the discount.

I haven’t purchased the annual pass yet because I really don’t need it until July but I would get it earlier if it will save me money.

Often there is an increase in February.

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