DAH AK review

My husband and I attended the 2/12 AK DAH and it was amazing! We arrived at 8pm and headed straight to EE. We rode it 3x in row and then headed to Dinosaur. Rode 2x. After that we headed over to Pandora and we rode Navi 2x; then FoP 3x! We honestly could have ridden FoP another time or two, but instead we grabbed beers and just wandered around Pandora enjoying how beautiful it is! We also got 4 water bottles while there and had a cup of popcorn over in DinoLand and then grabbed full boxes of popcorn outside Pandora. The park felt so empty and quiet. I really loved this event. We left around 11:15pm and only waited about 10 min for a bus. I actually enjoyed this one more than my MK DAH. I loved that I didn’t feel rushed. It probably helped that it was far less crowded than my MK one as well… and since FoP and EE are in my top 3 rides in all of Disney, I’m partial to AK! This was well worth my money and I would do it again!


This is my plan for Tuesday night! Thank you!


Thank you for sharing. First hand reviews really help with planning.

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LOL, I was just thinking of adding Tuesday.