D23 September 2022

Events will be live streamed starting tomorrow


Based on the schedule, it looks like Sunday, Sept. 11, at 10:30 am is when the stuff I really care about will be announced. I’ll be at church, so maybe by the time I’m home, there will be reports of what the big announcements (or lack thereof) will be for the parks.

Don’t forget the times are Pacific.


Too late! I already forgot that! :smiley:

So, I guess we won’t know much until later in the day then, earliest.

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Setting expectations. Also news will start hitting the twittersphere by 1:36 ET

I don’t know why I thought this started yesterday! I can’t wait any longer. I just NEED a date for Fantasmic. That is all!

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same! When is your trip?

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Nov 11-20! Yours?? I think I’m in pretty good shape but just would like confirmation.

Can’t wait for another round of “Overpromise and underdeliver!”


I think you are! I’m last week of October so I have some hope.

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Season kickoff for football too.

Is this some new WDW attraction? I’m not familiar with it.


I’m hoping everyone will be at D23 this weekend so WDW will be empty :joy: At least all the oggers.

I fly out tomorrow and trying to focus on work today is becoming a lost cause.

I’ll be at AK on Sunday. We are doing the Wild Africa Trek.


It’s a complicated version of keep-away, with a sprinkle of injuries, so maybe…

Today is the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony where once again Joe Rohde is not recognized and Disney & Marvel GAMES SHOWCASE. I have heard some rumors about announcements of a new partnership during this panel and new games.


This continues to baffle my mind.


This showed up on chat:


I am wondering about bad blood around his departure.

This stems from the fact that he’s not been recognized as a Legend (and my goodness if anyone deserves it we know he does!) but also a subtle thing I noticed as I listened to the Radio Harambe podcasts that featured him in interview. He was never introduced as a former Imagineer. Rather, his credentials are listed as a “Disney designer”. WTF even is that? It just was odd to me and felt like a distancing of some sort or another.



I don’t know where I heard it or if it’s true that he left because of new management. So yeah I could see them being petty and not honoring him if that is true.

But agree it’s insane he hadn’t been honored yet!


Disney is gutting the Imagineering department. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one was called an imagineer anymore. The whole things leaves a bad taste in my mouth