D23 Expo 2015 impact on DLR crowd?

What impact will D23 expo have on the crowd projections? What about the days before and after? Planned a trip but was unaware of the expo and I’m worried.

It was pretty crowded when I was there in 2013. The expo brings a lot of people from around the world. That said, it’s also over a weekend and in summer- two huge things that also impact Disneyland crowds. I’m assuming the days after (M, T, etc.) may be better, but I wouldn’t expect anything but lots of people. As long as you go in with a plan you’ll be fine.

I’m in the same boat! The Monday after the expo will also be the first day annual pass holders are not blocked in the summer, and that will also probably draw huge crowds. Anyone been to the parks that Monday in mid-August when it’s the first unblocked day?