D23 and Visiting DL and DCA

I will be at the D23 Expo in Anaheim in September. I got a link for discounted tickets to the Parks for D23 Expo attendees. I had a couple questions for your consideration.

First, the “discount” looks like it is less than 10 percent. Does that sound right? Not much of a discount.

Second, the per day price goes up between one day and two days, which seems counterintuitive. In other words, shouldn’t there be a discount for subsequent days? If not, and if I want to go to the Parks for two days, don’t I do better to buy two one-day tickets rather than a single two-day ticket?

Anyway, maybe I am missing something. Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts. Thanks!

I’ve never attended D23 so not sure what is normal, but knowing how stingy Disney is on admission and how much a premium their prices are these days, I’m not at all surprised.

With two day tickets being one set price but day tickets having a tiered pricing that varies, it all depends on how the two one days are categorized. Because of this if the two days are in the value tier (the lowest priced), then two one days will be cheaper than the set 2 days price. It’s kinda nuts, but that’s why it’s always good to do the math.

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This is helpful and reassuring. Thanks.

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