Cutting Accom Costs

Alright I’ve done on property and I’ve done AirBNB. I’m planning a three park day trip for Spring Break - might be just me or might have two other teacher friends with me. Looking at some of the Disney Springs hotel options - particularly Best Western, B Resort, Holiday Inn, and Double Tree. They seem to get the 60 day FPP perk and the EMH perk (though I likely won’t use because I probably won’t do PH tickets…only thought is whether or not I’ll need to use for DHS with SWGE, if they are still doing EMH or EEMH daily at that point). Odds are I will have a car.

Any tips on snagging best deals? Any other ideas on cheapest accom for a short trip?

I know I’ll need to factor in parking costs, but other than that what else am I forgetting to consider?

If I do book DS, I’m hoping to use MouseSavers to get out of either the parking, resort, or both fees.

Are you a Costco member? They do great packages for the “Good Neighbor” hotels you listed.

You should consider Wyndham Bonnet Creek. There’s no 60 day FPP perk. It’s close enough where you could rely on Ride share and not rent a car.

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I booked B resort with priceline express and got a good deal. There is a thread on here called “priceline research” that is really helpful. Now I have to check mousesavers because the resort fees are ridiculous!

Ooooo I’m not but my parents are - wonder if they could book in my name :thinking:

Never mind, I just realized Disney Springs announced 2020 will continue to bring the same benefits as their guests have enjoyed for 2018 and 2019…so book away! Sorry for any confusion…

Yeah, thanks for the tip, but that’s past my line of comfort - I hate to book something that someone else may need, particularly when it’s sort of a gray area and one of the cheapest options for family accommodation.

They have already extended the benefits to end of 2020, though so DS hotels are safe for another year :+1::grin: bring in the Best Western!

Priceline has some great deals on the DS hotels, like @Sandyh said. If you book the regular Priceline deals rather than express deals, you know what hotel you’re getting and you can cancel if you find a better rate. I end up checking regularly even after I’ve booked to see if I can get a lower price. Using that method I got Best Western for four nights in mid-December for $407 including tax and fees.

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I think that’s where I am right now. I booked a refundable rate w/ cc points through my cc rewards and am going to keep an eye out for something cheaper along the way.