Customized TP with afternoon start

We’re participating in special programs at DL and DCA which end around 1 pm, so I need my park touring plans to start when we get out. We also have dining reservations. When I put that time in, it’s trying to start my plan at our 6 pm dining time, totally leaving out a whole afternoon, where I’m sure some of the lesser popular attractions might be good to go to. Not to mention, I could be grabbing FP’s for later.
**And we are big nighttime entertainment fans. I don’t see a place where I can add in the nightly fireworks show and MSEP. Am I missing a spot where I enter that??

Not sure about the time issue, but I know that whenever I put break or meal times in it automatically reverts to Eastern time for some reason (pushes the times up by 3 hours). Maybe check the time in the box on top and make sure it says 1 pm; you can edit from that box.

As for the night time events, they are on a different tab when you are creating the plan. If you’re already in the plan, you can click “add attraction” at the bottom, scroll down, and they should be there.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you get a fix for the start time, now I’m curious :slight_smile: