Customized TP & EMM

Hi All!
I read on an earlier thread that when you started a MK plan on a MK EMM day, that the touring plan would ask if you were attending EMM. I have EMM for 10/9, and while it did ask if we would be attending MNSSHP, it didn’t ask about EMM.

Is the touring plan supposed to be asking if we’re attending EMM? Since it isn’t asking, should I email the webmaster?

If the software is no longer asking about EMM, how can I implement it into my TP?

Edited to Add: I’m not so much concerned about getting the 3 rides from 7:45-9:00 on the plan. It’s more about maybe getting in 1 or 2 other rides starting at 9am and then putting in the time for the buffet starting at about 9:45am.

We have EMM tickets on 11/20 and I have made a customized touring plan that includes it. When I click “edit” on the top of my touring plan for that day it brings up a box that includes the question about attending the event on that day. I don’t have the capability of doing a screen shot on this computer or I would post it for you.

I will say, I’m not sure how much of an advantage there is in adding it to your touring plan. In my plan it shows me waiting 20 minutes for 7DMT at 8:20 during the EMM time. I know this can’t be right. Our plan is similar to yours though. We hope to make a dash to ride Space and Buzz before coming back to eat breakfast.

I’m so thrilled! I can’t imagine a day where we start the day already having knocked out 7DMT, PP, Pooh, Space, and Buzz all before breakfast!

Yes, I would email the webmaster because it should come up as an option at the top of the plan.

Like you, when I made a plan for EMM, I did it to get the right starting point for 9am, and not to plan out the EMM time.