Custom Touring Plan - Jedi Training sign up not indicated

I’ve built a custom plan for DL. It includes a MM entry at 7am and one of the desired attractions is Jedi Training. The tool has optimized my plan, with our Jedi Training scheduled at 10:30am.

However, none of the earlier steps in the plan indicate when I should sign up, how long it is anticipated to take to sign up, and how it may affect the other parts of my plan (essentially non-stop riding from 7am - 9:45am before directing me to Jedi Training at 10:15am for the 10:30am session).

I’m pretty sure showing up at 10:15am won’t get my kids into the 10:30am session. I suspect we’ll need to sign up much earlier, likely as soon as sign up is available. Why isn’t the touring plan advising how I should approach this? Is there something in the planning set up that I am missing to have it properly incorporated?


The touring plan isn’t meant to account for nor include the participation part of Jedi Training- only the viewing part with showing up with enough time to find a place & watch the show. However, your hunch is correct, you’ll need to sign the kids up for participation. To reflect that in the plan,manually add a break for about 10-20 min (although I have never had it take more than 10 min to sign up, I’d plan for just a bit of cushion just in case).

Sign-ups are located at the exit of the Star Wars Launch Bay. If you’re heading towards the entrance of Autopia, it’s up a ramp to the right (if you’ve been to Disneyland in the past when Autopia had a FastPass, it’s where the FastPass machines used to be). There’ll be a sign directing you up the ramp so it won’t be hard to find.

They’ll start sign-ups at the start of MM but the usual practice at Disneyland (always subject to change though) is that they will only allow up to 50% of each show to get booked during the extra hour. Once reg park opening at 8am happens, they will allow the rest of the spots to fill. I usually recommend heading to the sign-ups 5-10 min to be there just ahead of the regular park opening crowd, but to still maximize the use of your extra hour for MM riding rides.

At sign-up the kids will have to be with you to answer a few questions (like can they follow directions, are they ok being on stage, etc.), then you’ll get to pick a showtime & they will give you a paper with a return time on it (~30 min before the show) that will be the ticket for them to participate.

As for time of show, I’d do one a little later than 10:30, since you’d have to be back by 10am to get them setup & that time is still good time to ride before lines & crowds build. But it also depends on what other shows, meals or breaks you’re considering for the day.

Thanks very much for the information, this helps a lot.

I think you’re right, probably not the best use of time before crowds develop. I’m leaning towards planning to take the kids to Jedi Training another day when we’re not utilizing MM (as long as they aren’t too hung up on becoming “Jedi” on the first day!)

Thanks again.

You’re welcome! We love Jedi training (6 yr old son & 4 yr old daughter) but it is a big time commitment in a day. I will say though, if your kids are Star Wars fans in general, you can make a wonderfully fun Star Wars morning out of it in Tomorrowland (more so when Space Mtn had the Star Wars overlay to Hyperspace, but still doable with all the other attractions like Launch Bay, Path of the Jedi Movie & of course Star Tours).

Is space mountain not hyperspace anymore?!?! I hadn’t been since childhood when I went last year, so I just assumed that was normal for the ride now.

I thought for sure it was would be the norm too, at least until Stars Wars land opened.

Space did have a milestone anniversary last summer & so they put back Classic Space for that. When they switched to Ghost Galaxy for Halloween, I thought maybe they might change it back to Hyperspace to help promote Star Wars VIII, but they must have decided that the time for Hyperspace had passed & so it’s still classic Space. I believe one of the overseas parks got Hyperspace… maybe Paris? But don’t quote me on that, lol.

On the Jedi trading… would it be better to spend a crowded day doing this and ride more rides on a less crowded day?

Yeah, I would say that’s a good plan. I generally like doing a more show oriented day on busier days. Especially Mickey & the Magical Map and Storytelling at the Royal Theater but Jedi Training would fit into a day like easily.