Custom DCA plan and Maxpass

I leave in about 4 weeks and am trying to finalize my TP for DCA. I’ve heard that they aren’t as good for DL as WDW but I loved using them so much at WDW that I wanted to try for DL. My main question is how likely is it that RSR will run out of FPs before I get one? My TP has me getting one at 9:50 with a park opening of 8am and EE of 7am. The predicted crowd level is a 3 that day. Even on the TP site they say to get the FP for RSR ASAP after entering the park yet my plan wants me to wait until 9:50 to get it with a return time starting 10:30.

Here is what the beginning part of my plan looks like:

8:07 Mickey’s PhilharMagic (wait 8 min)
8:31 Monsters Inc (wait 4 min)
8:42 get FP for Goofy’s Sky School
8:42 Guardians of the Galaxy (wait 4 min)
9:02 Pixar Pal Around (wait 4 min)
9:17 Toy Story Mania (wait 5 min)
9:33 Incredicoaster (wait 5 min)
9:50 get FP for RSR
9:50 Silly Symphony Swings (wait 4 min)
9:58 Goofy’s Sky school (uses FP)
10:05 Little Mermaid (wait 4 min)
10:25 Luigi’s Roadsters (wait 6 min)
10:36 get FP for Soarin, return beg 11:05
10:36 Radiator Springs Racers (uses FP)
10:56 Mater’s JJ (wait 16)
11:22 Soarin’ (uses FP)

After that we do lunch followed by Grizzly River Run then back to hotel for a break before returning for dinner and to hopefully see Sh’boom and ride RSR and Incredicoaster again at night and possibly GotG MAD if time allows before WOC.

Is there any chance of getting a FP for any of those 3 at night?

I’m not sure why the plan has us doing PhilharMagic first thing. And I’ve played around with it and adjusted it to reduce waiting, reduce walking and balance. It always does the same order.

Are you using regular FP or MP?

Maxpass. I also asked this on another forum and was told it was typical that the TP software has yet to maximize the benefit of Maxpass and that I shouldn’t follow this plan but should do RSR and GotG first followed by Incredicoaster, which was kind of what I was feeling I should do but wanted to make sure. It’s too bad that TP can’t make the DLR software work as well as the WDW.

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I usually pull a FP for RSR as soon a I enter the gate, then go to TSMM, then IC, then head over to Carsland and ride MJJ and Luigi’s rides, before riding RSR. I pull a GotG FP as soon as we tap in at RSR.

As far as night rides on IC and RSR, watch the return times via the app while on break and you should have no problem stacking those.


I have 2 TP’s worked out for the first day of our trip in early December. Start out with the kids at DL at rope drop, then knowing we need a break and nap in the afternoon, I start to get fast passes for night time riding at CA. I’ve tried it out by checking return times on equivalent days and it seems to work out. Starting with RSR at around 10:30-11am, then TSMM, Incredicoaster, etc, every 90 minutes, it looks like we’ll be able to return in the evening with at least 4 FP’s stacked.

Really looking forward to trying it out. Max pass wasn’t a thing during our last trip.
Good luck