Custom combined Epcot World Showcase/Food & Wine Passport/Scrapbook!

I had mentioned in passing I was working on my own custom combined passport/scrapbook for Epcot World Showcase and Food & Wine Festival. Several people were interested in seeing it. I am offering it as a free download.

To reproduce what I created:

  1. Download the PDF
  2. Go to FedEx or similar print shop. (You will HAVE to print it at the self-serve printers, they cannot print for you because this includes Disney copyrighted images.)
  3. Ask for a thick glossy white paper for pages 1-2, print in color double sided.
  4. Ask for thick, light colored (specked is even better) paper that mimicks the colored paper of real passports. I used light blue, but tan, peach, light green, etc, will work.
  5. Print the remainder of pages in greyscale/back & white, double sided.
  6. Take you finished printed product and ask them to bind for you. Top binder cover clear plastic, back binder cover a dark blue.


Alternatively, you can print at home and use several different types of report/three ring binders available in office supply stores.

Also note, I have a page for “personal” info to include family members in the passport. You can print multiples of this page (pages 3 & 4), double sided, and insert more in the book for more family members.